Can't login online in client

(Revolutionx) #58

This is asking too much for some people. You think they even know it’s Tuesday?

(Rhielle) #59

It’s on the launcher. Need to scroll down as someone else said.

(Morgueart) #60

Yeah their timing is atrocious, Also they’ve added another hour to the maintenance window on a day that when a new mythic content is added. I’d say that counts as a ‘We don’t give a rat’s tail about what you had planned’ kind of behaviour.

Also it was even mentioned due to the raise in ilev for emissary gear you might want to plan accordingly, well folks did plan and that extra hour they added will cause those turn ins to expire.

Grats blizz, you managed to irritate yet another chunk of your subscribers. Good Job, you are batting a 1000 in this department for bfa.

(Stéampunk) #61

(Stéampunk) #62

10 am server time

(Morgueart) #63

Notice the last sentence:

Once the update is live it will affect active rewards like the Emissaries, so you may want to plan for when you will turn those in.

(Vaelistraz) #64

More accurately 10 AM PST.

(Morgueart) #65

They added an hour sometime between posting it and this morning causing those who planned to turn in the emissary to lose it as it will expire, contradicting what was pinned about the rise in ilev for those turn ins.

(Moused) #66

Game is up using Bnet…just got in …


just got in right now estimating time

(Savana) #70

Yep, I’m in almost an hour earlier than scheduled. Nice =)

(Morgueart) #71

Incorrect the first notice, up since Sunday, said it would be up at 9am pst, not 10am, therefore they were about 10 minutes late causing those who wanted to turn in Sunday’s emissary today to lose them.

(Verheinen) #72

I’m in, but the emmisary quest I was saving is still 385.

(Savana) #73

You always go with updated notices, both in game and in RL.

(Savana) #74

It’s still based on your current ilvl. It goes to 395 for those that are 385 already.

(Morgueart) #75

Well that contradicts the post pinned at the top of the forums. However those reward ilevs are based on your current ilev I believe.

(Verheinen) #76

That’s what it is then. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Savana) #77

My warrior and monk are only getting 390… =)

(Verheinen) #78

Invasion rewards stay the same right?

(Savana) #79

yes they do. Only the emissaries and the WQs were updated… WQ rewards now up to 370 instead of 360.