Save Emissary Equipment Turnins for Tues?

(Nommi) #1

So should we save the current ilvl385 emissary azerite armor and equipment turn ins for Tues?

(Cyniel) #2

My guess is that it will be like before where the new chests will have different drop ID’s and your quest will give you the old drop id vs the new one.


If you don’t claim the current emissary quests, don’t they die when the timer runs out? IMO you would lose the reward.

(Nommi) #4

ya im curious…the current Horde is Zandalari but it expires tue morning
Will the emissary quest disappear?


I have always thought it would. Unless someone says differently, I would not risk losing it. All of the others disappear when the new one pops up making only 3 max active at any given time.

(Kypookins) #6

The blue actually said to save them.

(Cyniel) #7

wow… I think i’m impressed.

(Sorelai) #8

Meh. Personally, I would just turn them in. The chance of getting something useful out of them is about -3%. They will just give you a copy of something you already have.

(Momonohime) #9

Well that’s how they worked the last time they juiced the ilvl. If you had a cache that didn’t expire until after the rest, it immediately jumped up to the new cap so long as you met the requirements for it.

(Kineological) #11

Dunno if you’re aware, but 3 is greater than zero. The gain for turning them in now is zero, given blue confirmation they will stay.

(Sorelai) #12

But -3 is not greater than 0.

(Kineological) #13

In soviet 8.2, you give gear to quest?

(Fajra) #14

Won’t the Saturday emissary expire by the time the Tuesday reset rolls in anyways, though? If you’re going to save your emissary you could start today (Sunday) because as far as I know you can only have 3 active daily emissary rewards.


Yes, I think you just start today.


ally got AP today and horde got 385 equipment which will be 395 if turned in after the reset. inb4 horde favoritism and slap in the face comments :slight_smile: