Emissary rewards are a bit much

(Berusein) #1

This largely invalidates any rewards people get in Heroic BOD or 10keys. It is starting to become way to much to be worth the content people are doing. EQ bumping to 370 thats fine. But Emissary going to 395 just feels like it invalidates the effort people have put intop +10 keys or heroic raiding. Please leave it at 385 it for Emissary rewards.

It is really starting to feel like the effort I put into content is being invalidated by these ilvl bumps before raid tier is even finished.

It is really frustrating that I put quite a bit of effort to get the rewards I have only to see that my alt nearly to save ilvl with 1/4th the effort.


I like it. I have stopped doing WQ’s… will start doing them again!


Not like there is a real gear progression anymore, anyways…

(Jatarri) #4

I agree with the sentiment. Gear progression is no longer a thing, but personally I am ok with this since I dont care about raiding since I became a solo player.


Why do you care about the gear that other people have?


Boosting wq gear ilvl to invalidate current raiding, m+, AND pvp efforts, while at the same time doing almost nothing to address the horrendous rng gearing systems that frustrate so many players.

Gj Blizz!

(Rabizu) #7

Saw that mentioned on MMOC. Always nice to have another avenue to gearing. :metal:

(Stompypotato) #8

It isn’t so much that, it is the amount of effort put in in raids, etc, vs banging out 4 WQs and getting the same level item.

(Phaylanxx) #9

Do WQ’s or do not. Raid or do not. Your choice.

WQ’s are FIXED rng anyway, so they do not really have as much weight as many think they do.


This whole expansion has been based around “equality” and welfare. All of a sudden you aren’t used to it?

(Dirge) #11

There was a rather lengthy post on this topic yesterday. I posted a lengthy answer there.

Quick and dirty…the “invalidates” argument is stale just as BoD will become once Crucible of Storms begins.

From my reading on the forum, a big complaint was the lack of content added within an expansion. Now it seems we are getting content at an increased rate. With the added content are increases in ilvl to incentivize players to jump into the new raid rather than farm the old.

I’ve listened to Blizzards argument on how they determined the increases in iLvl and I’m good with it. After all, their catch up mechanics benefit those who don’t raid quite directly as well as those who do.

I doubt this will change. Your best bet is to go along with it, play something else, or you can keep complaining about it. Blizzard seems pretty set in their decision. Have you watched their discussion on it?


Remember when it used to be you had to do normals to do heroics, and heroics to do raids (and later, mythic dungeons)

Pepperidge farm remembers…


Yes, I remember dem good ol days!


Blizzard is just throwing more water onto their sinking ship. I cannot believe they are now making heroic raiding gear and +10 mythic gear even more accessible by just doing world quests now.

As others have mentioned in other topics, what is the point of even pushing multiple +10 keys or heroic raiding anymore when Mr. Joe Bob (or myself) can be guaranteed plenty of 400’s from the weekly emissaries now (on top of all the other free 400’s).

Raider IO is just going to get brought up to the forefront even more now since there will really be no discernible difference between people who are 400+ ilevel and what kind of content they were pushing to obtain that ilevel.

(Berusein) #15

please reread this part.

It is really frustrating that I put quite a bit of effort to get the rewards I have only to see that my alt nearly to save ilvl with 1/4th the effort.

(Glowball) #16

I see everyone’s point on this.

But at the same time i am going to continue to do content that challenges me regardless. And with this change it is that much easier for me to get alts up to speed so i can try out other classes.

Plus this is similar to how season 1 ended and the incursions and azerite emissaries were handing out 370 pieces.


Same here. I am sure we will start seeing a lot more people out doing world content again.

They always used to nerf raids at a certain point, now they are increasing gear instead and making these guys put in a little effort to make more progress. I guess that is a bad thing.


You will need to find a new game to play if you don’t like this type of playstyle. This isn’t going to change any time soon.


So you’re saying you don’t want catch up mechanics?

(Berusein) #20

The WQ bump to 370 was reasonable. Bumping emissaries to 395 just gave me a “oh god damn it.” moment.