Hour+ queue for Crucible LFR?

(Fenshire) #55

I want to experience the raid. I can’t do it otherwise.

(Zachaios) #56

To be fair … being a green, your ilvl, and then lumping a critique of LFR is essentially the equivalent of a millionaire trying to put themselves on the level of a homeless person.

This is not to say your opinion is not valid regarding the topic, or meant as an insult to you. How can someone pretty much at the top remotely understand what those at the bottom experience?

To provide my reasoning regarding LFR, it’s a matter of convenience in regards to accessing content I may otherwise not have access to solely because I’m a solo player. To the mention of the emissary quests loot ilvl being bumped, it’s few and far between for when loot is even offered through them. With LFR, it’s a more controlled chance at getting loot … meaning when you can access it vs waiting for an emissary quest, aka more control of the timeframe to access loot vs the actual receiving of loot (due to the RNG gods.)

As to the wait time, as has been referenced several times over … queue times for DPS are through the roof. It’s likely minutes for tanks/healers. Not many people are brave enough to face the wrath of the current mob mentality we’ve developed in this game, especially when it comes to new content. Everyone expects the tanks and healers to be full experts on day one of every mechanic within an encounter.

Hope this brought some perspective to the fore for you. I’m off to work.

(Taree) #57

I haven’t run LFR in 2 expacs now. Most folks I know, particularly tanks, avoid LFR because of the way the folks in there tend to behave. I stopped in WoD when I watched a hunter run into stuff on the ground and die deliberately in each encounter.

(Jape) #58

No weapon enchants, toys, or mounts…never going to bother.

(Cynthyx) #59

Did it yesterday with 1 wipe on Cabal and 2 on Uunat. The gear drops are crap for my spec so the only reason I had for doing it was the quest (plus Xal’atath afterward) and just having done it.

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I find this new trend of handing out so much loot that it is making raiding seem pointless disturbing. I don’t feel that this is a good direction at all. But :man_shrugging:

(Sorelai) #61

They are supposed to but only after the initial composition. In case someone drops. You probably still need two tanks though.

They need to be more intelligent about building raids.

(Jalanilí) #63

I’ll do it once just to see it and turn in my quests. By far the expansion where I did my part in LFR the most was Mists, due to the Legendary questline and the stuff that needed to be gathered in there. I didn’t bother with the ones that required Normal or above raiding in Legion, and there’s even less reason to do LFR now except to see the story.

But I’m not sure which world quests are awarding 395 gear? I did the rounds on my 390+ iLvl characters yesterday and the best I saw was 370 from a world quest.

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It’s a very difficult raid for a relatively low-geared PUG with no communications; there are a large number of mechanics that need to be managed in both fights.

That being said, my queue was about two minutes yesterday. The group, which included someone who was pretty dedicated to explaining the raid to people, wiped 3-4 times on the first boss and 2-3 on the second. The group felt great when they beat it, but it was a lot of work for LFR.

I just did it because it seemed fun. I’m a guildless casual player, and PUG raids for CoS have been one nightmare after another (not to mention few and far between). I’d love to raid CoS on normal or heroic (the gear effects are pretty interesting), but it doesn’t seem likely given my previous experience.

I’ll be trying again for normal/heroic CoS/BoD PUGs this week, so we’ll see how it goes.

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Your a mage. It’s day 1 of LFR. LOTS AND LOTS of DPS want in. Your in position #181983838


I agree lets get rid of it and mythic and just have normal and heroic like Ulduar and have hardmode added to heroic .

(Arron) #68

Regarding why you might be receiving the pushback you’ve been getting…

With all due respect, it’s probably your attitude about the topic. I’ve seen you frequent discussions about LFR quite often and if I can give a personal impression it is that your tone has traditionally been quite hostile towards LFR’s existence.

LFR doesn’t need to be constantly re-evaluated so that higher-end gamers can understand its worth. LFR doesn’t damage the experience for individuals who want to push the mythic raiding scene because LFR will never award gear competitive with the the kind of stuff that Limit and Method are getting rewarded with. LFR exists as a decent avenue for gearing up once you’ve run out of alternative methods (or if you just despise those methods like WQs) or for players to casually experience raid/story content without the stresses of an organized group that may, or may not, require impressive coordination and communication skills.

It would be admirable to make a firm effort towards understanding “the other side,” but one reason you might find it’s “not going so well” for you is that these points have already been made to you repeatedly in the past. As a result, the discussion takes a cyclical turn and LFR players have to feel like they’re constantly fighting to defend a mode that has been commonplace in WoW for years now.

And yeah, to address the elephant in the room, the fact that a lot of this criticism of LFR is coming from a green is undoubtedly stirring up quite a bit of resentment. For a green to look at a feature that is undoubtedly enjoyed by a sizable potion of the community and say “please help me understand why we need this” comes across as inherently aggressive. We’re not talking about time gates or reputation quotas: we’re talking about a feature that has aided in raid accessibility for years. A certain level of tact is required when handling discussions like this, especially when arguments for the outright removal of LFR don’t actually propose anything as a replacement.

Just my two cents.

EDIT: Also, Sillyilly’s comments are pretty on point.

(Jalanilí) #69

So, that’s right then. World quests only go up to 370.

(Verminard) #70

I agree with this 100%

It also explains why the devs cant make a game the players enjoy. The devs have not been regular players for a LONG time.

They simply cant understand us.

Even worse; their tone seems to indicate they DON’T WANT to understand us. They want the game to be played by themselves and only people like them.

(Drougen) #71

Not many people playing in general anymore, I think. I know It’s the first time I’ve definitely not wanted to sub to WoW.


Not necessarily, the drops go by your current ilvl, so for me it still only drops 340 items, which i dont need.

Heroic dugeons give better than that, lol


If I wasn’t lucky enough to fall into this guild then LFR would be the only way I’d get to see raids. Pugging in the LFG tool terrifies me.

(Fenshire) #74

I’m kind of the same, except that I’m not in a guild that can raid.

LFR is my only exposure to raiding. I don’t want to use the LFG tool and have to download some random 3rd party software so I can hear a bunch of dudes mouthbreathing for several hours.

I zone into LFR, and I just pretend everyone in there is an expendable no-name NPC soldier that is accompanying me to greatness.


They do. It’s called a war front.

The main point of LFR is to let people who don’t raid seriously experience the raids in an easier form. Changing them so they aren’t like the actual raid in any form would defeat that point.

The secondary point of LFR is to let inexperienced players learn and practice some of the mechanics in preparation for the higher difficulties. Removing the mechanics would defeat that as well.

As for tanks, when I tank LFR, it’s to practice the tank mechanics, which usually involve tank swapping. That means I actually have to coordinate with other players - specifically the other tank - which damage dealers and healers don’t have to do in LFR. Unlike for everyone else, LFR is not “solo queue for some relaxed gaming” for tanks.

In long lived raids like Battle of Dazar’Alor, the player base eventually gets to the point where most of the tanks have enough knowledge of the mechanics that you can count on the modicum of tanking coordination needed for LFR even if you solo queue. For raids designed to have a short lifetime like Crucible, we may never get to that point.

If Blizzard wants to fix that, they need to redesign Crucible style interim raids so that none of the difficulty levels, not even Mythic, include tank swap mechanics. They can require multiple tanks, but save the tank swap mechanics for raids that are designed to last for a full patch, like BoD.