World quest gear now = rival drops

(Bertimus) #1

Blizzard -

Please also increase arena item levels now. You’ve made emissary, world quest, and “free” world content rewards equivalent to drops from 1800-2100 arenas. Does this seem logical or fair to you?

(Chad) #2

the true power of time metrics

(Efx) #3

PvP gear to Blizzard: am I a joke to you?


Image a job where you can be utterly incompetent, completely oblivious to PR and basically do nothing all day; I want to be a WoW pvp dev.


That job position doesn’t currently exist at Blizzard, sorry.


On the other hand, it’s very BFA…

(Cutîepie) #7

imagine you have to study for such a job and be somewhat appreciated, but in the end you only get told enjoy your life and drink coffee all day long

(Inq) #8

now would be a good time to increase pvp drops by 10 ilvls wink wink nudge nudge

(Ruthlessmage) #9

Blizzard needs to listen to their playerbase an just…GIT GUD fffff


They wont, they would just let pvper and normal-Heroic guilds die slowly.

Soon enough WQ gear would be equal to duelist-mythic.

(Exalter) #11

This is pretty funny.


Yall havent seen the “shut pvp guy” video and it shows :man_shrugging:


I dont really see too much of a problem with it. Quicker gearing, I guess.

I can see why people wouldn’t like it though.

(Landrada) #14

It isn’t, but it’s no secret that BIizzard absolutely despises pvper’s for some reason.