So Emissaries

(Jerauld) #1

Our last two, at least on Alliance side, before Tuesday reset are both Artifact Power. What a tease…


Ain’t it though.

When was the last time a weapon emmisary showed up? Tommorrow would be a nice surprise if it was a weapon since I really need off spec weapon for Frost DK. I hate having to swap to unholy if I don’t blood tank.

(Wrench) #3

The recent 7th Legion one had a chance at a weapon if I recall correctly, but that would have expired this morning at the reset. Whee!


So they are upgrading the ilvl on armor for emissaries now?

Read it… All we have had lately is Azerite… why even tell us to hold off on turning anything in?


Stop playing the wrong faction and you won’t have issues like this.

(Phaylanxx) #6

The recent 7th Legion Emissary a few days ago gave “a chance” to drop a weapon. Two out of my ten 120’s got weapons. I cannot even remember the last time a guaranteed weapon emissary was up.

(Chilandry) #7

A chance vs a sure thing emissary isn’t the exact same thing I had in mind.

RNGebus pretty much hates my toons


They had to have removed the pure weapon emissary. It has been far to long. Unless I just have really really bad luck about the days I miss them.

(Medaax) #9

Horde got one like last week. Been a hot minute for azerite armor I am pretty sure.


At least it is still out there I guess. There is always tomorrow, right?

(Kypookins) #11

Ha, yeah. I saw that too.

So I figured I’d save them, if for a piece, to see what it became. Then it was AP.

(Valrayne) #12

Can confirm. Weapon emissary deleted from the game. Weapon wq still there though. Yay?

(Phaylanxx) #13

I think the Tort emissary that awarded a random ring or trinket has been deleted as well. I have not seen it in a long time and got a ring recently off a make loh go quest that did not list the ring as a completion reward.