Casuals should dictate phase rollouts, not hardcores


It would be very impressive if a guild managed to really do that. Second week? Rag will die on a bunch of servers though.

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So long as there is at least a year b4 naxx patch and reset servers/tbc, ill be happy…but yes slower is better.

However if you listen to what the dev team has said so far, they are wanting classic to be as close to the game back in 2004 as possible. Therefore it would make sense for that to be their plan, as of now anyway.


Likely they’ll get bored when they realise that they do have to do the dungeon more than 3 times to get fully geared.


Well, I can only speak for myself. I enjoy the world first race, but I’ve never been part of a world first kill. Even so, I’m still going to be farming up what’s available in Phase 1 and 2 before BWL comes out, even if I don’t get world first.

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They’ve got the blueprint timeline of what Vanilla did in unrolling this content. I don’t see a reason to not use that same timeline for Classic.

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Vanilla had players starting throughout its entire lifespan. (I started June 2006 - Naxx was opened that day. Everything else was available. I had no less fun progressing through.)

Only some 200,000 players were logged in on Day 1. Only 1.5 million were playing by 1st Q 2005 (Dire Maul was released). Only 3.5 million were playing by 2nd Q 2005 (Honor system, BGs). Only 4 million were playing by 3rd Q 2005 (BWL, ZG). That means half the people who were playing by the end of vanilla weren’t playing until several of the “stages” were already part of the game.

Phases aren’t necessary to enjoy all of what WOW Classic has to offer, because there’s no insane scaling like Retail that negates prior content. (Seriously … Retail has a hotfix/patch to up the iLvL of World Quest rewards leading up to a raid tier opening so that more people will meet the minimum to queue for it. Why go back to the prior raid at all? citation

Classic has the prior tier to earn gear from. Sure, an alt can get carried by friends, but the gear sources are still going to be the “older” content.

For many of us, the experience of leveling as each class is great fun. What end-game content is available doesn’t change that. Doing each dungeon from a different role, from a different class, gives a fresh perspective. Working on each profession, collecting recipes, farming for random world drops or rep to get a certain mount on a different race.

No, I’m not saying YOU have to enjoy all that. However, just because you wouldn’t, just because you’re constantly champing at the bit for new, shiny raids and eSport highs does not mean WOW Classic is, or ever should be, modeled after Retail in that way.


You really shouldn’t make comparisons to BFA they are completely different games. In BFA a content roll-out means the old content is dead. In vanilla for the most part this isn’t the case. On the “unofficial” server i play on, they are about to launch Naxx. Some people are still running MC/Ony, a lot of people are still running AQ. Having a content schedule to keep up with the majority of raiders is great in vanilla because it keeps them going and doesn’t stop casuals from progressing through older content, unlike BFA.


As a point of note, your examples all relate to raiding. Rolling out Naxx, also means that the guy trying to do every quest in the game is largely unaffected too. Or the one trying RPing in a hut in Zoram Strand.


Ya i was a total scrub in vanilla. I never hit 60 on any character and had a total blast. The content patches largely had no impact on my experience.

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Week 1 might be a stretch but it IS do able. You may very well see it. If you think that Rag is going to live longer than week 2, you are High… and id like some of what you’re smokin!


good luck getting to 60 then grinding gear and rep to get the waters to douse the fires to even get to rag.

much less getting the entire raid geared enough to do so.

if you think thats getting done in 1 week or even 2 youre smoking something worse than weed.


There are people who will do it. You’re underestimating the ability of people to no life this game.

There are people out there who will play 16-18 hours a day for those two weeks.

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I think the pre-raid BiS gearing is possible… I am not sure about the rep grind for the waters because of the lockouts but it will be interesting to see. Not my idea of fun but more power to the folks who want to be in that race.


“some” people. not a full 40 man raid group.

i am not underestimating them. 3 weeks is giving them credit.

you guys are overestimating them. the rep alone will take a week or more.


People will go to Silithis and grind to level sixty by killing the mobs which give you rep. They’ll have the rep required for the water.



ya i caught it before you edited.

full 40 people doing something like that would have to do it in 8 different groups.


You don’t need 40 people to get the rep. You only need a few to get the rep.


No offense intended but I very much disagree. They had the casual player in mind when they decided to cut 40 man raiding, they had the casual player in mind when they gave us access to 300% speed flying mounts, they had the casual player in mind for LFG & LFR. They had the casual player in mind when they cut the honor system, they had the casual player in mind when they started giving epics out for doing quests. They also had the casual player in mind when they made raids have 3 different difficulty’s. They had casuals in mind when they added crossrealm technology. Look what catering to the casual got us.

Why is it an issue that players have access to BWL, ZG, AQ or Naxx when you’re still in MC, this isn’t BFA, where only the current content matters. And everything else is obsolete. This is classic where every single dungeon and raid is relevant throughout the course of the game.

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This… So much

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I don’t think they need to base roll outs around casuals, but i don’t think they need to base it around the hard core either. there should be a nice middle ground in there some where.


no youre right you dont need 40 people. still need like 8? if i remember right. what if one or 2 of them dont show to the raid ? you gonna have to wait for them to go out to azshara and get a water and come back meanwhile trash is respawning lol.