395/400 Item Level Emissaries: Yes please

(Ammathostus) #1

In anticipation for LFR/Mythic Crucible, this happened:

Wish it was like this since BOD, but this will do.


Nice, more welfare catch up mechanics. :slight_smile:


Now if they could update the old warfronts so I can stop pretending like they don’t exists.

(Kannil) #4

well its back to being not insta pick :frowning: for pugs.
but its good for my alts :slight_smile:

(Turnberry) #5

“In preparation for LFR Crucible, we’ve decided to invalidate Heroic BoD.”

(Ammathostus) #6

It’s always been like that.

That’s why I like the Blue Post here.


“400 ilvl Azerite Armor” from emissaries… 400 ilvl gear from warfronts…

(Shadows) #8

I have a clone. :sunglasses:

(Argorwal) #9

Pretty standard terrible decision at this point in how quickly they try to destroy the reward structure of all content below mythic raids.

Only 2.5 months into a 5-6 month raid tier.

How does it make sense that in preparation for LFR that drops 375 and 380 here are WQ that give you 395 and 400 gear??

Flat base WQ at 370, aka the same as current BoD LFR?

(Akston) #10

This is a stupid decision. You don’t make current heroic tiers worthless compared to solo play.

Gonna have even more people at 400+ ilvl complaining they can’t get into +10s because they don’t know how to run dungeons.

(Ammathostus) #11

It could be Blizzard doesn’t teach what to do?

I mean there’s that possibility.

(Akston) #12

I am not sure what you mean. You have a ton of ways in game to learn what to do for a dungeon working your way up to a +10.

Too many people expect to be able to jump straight into a 10 or higher with little/no experience.

(Ammathostus) #13

Basically, I am pro-AI. Have the AI teach you how a dungeon is supposed to flow.

Then suddenly, people have a rating. Enough that if they wanted to, they could group up with humans.


when you say welfare , let me ask you this. If someone can get to max level before you has more achievement points and has done more in game then you, could beat you in pvp, but doesn’t raid or play dungeons does that make them a welfare player ?

(Akston) #15

There would just be a “non AI rating”. And AIs wouldnt go up to the hardest difficulty. They’d have a cut off at something minor.

“Dungeon flow” is reflected by the playerbase. Not by Blizzard.

(Mistymint) #16

I like it because I mostly just run m+ these days, the quicker I can gear up multiple alts for when I have a random itch to play a certain spec the better.

(Ammathostus) #17

Oh heavens no, I finally agree with you on something in that they shouldn’t go beyond Mythic Jaina/Uu’naat or something that humans can’t do in M+.

But seriously, FF14 does this for everything else.

(Volley) #18

With 8.2 dropping, this increase means nothing. Rares and World Quests from Nazjatar and Mechagon will drop better loot than this.

(Ammathostus) #19

That I need to see from Nazjatar on the PTR.

Mechagon looks good from my POV. (You can buy 420 gear by farming for it. Pretty close to Heroic AEP.)

(Amarlly) #20

I feel like the people saying this completely invalidates heroic BoD somehow believe gear emissaries are available every day …

A full BoD clear gives you nine chances at loot per week (11 if you use your bonus rolls), while emissaries give you what, an average of 2 per week?