PvP needs spell batching or the meta is tarnished

If you don’t know what spell batching is, it’s the way the game processed spells before WoD. Spells were processed every server tick instead of ASAP and it’s what let two Mages polymorph each other, two Rogues gouge each other, two Priests fear each other, and so on.

While it’s true that it was originally design because of technical limitations, it was kept all the way until WoD because of the positive effect it had on game play, most notably PvP.

In PvP it gave you options that are not available to you now under current game mechanics. Gouging your opponent’s kidney shot, frost nova and jumping your opponent’s stun, vanishing a death coil, and any other interaction between spells that would be exclusively possible on the old system and not the new could be used as example.

In vanilla it was what prevented Gouge+restealth from working. With a 5.5 second incapacitate and a 5 second combat timer, in theory it should have been possible to restealth before the target recovered. But in practice someone mashing an instant cast skill could “tag” the Rogue before/while he restealthed.

The list could go on, but without spell batching, the PvP won’t be remotely authentic, the meta will change and class balance will be altered.


This is one of the changes that cant be fought,with them using the modern infrastructure


No this was an artifact of limitations of the old infrastructure not some brilliant design decision so hopefully they won’t try to recreate it. It was also completely random so you couldn’t rely on it and it impacted a lot more than just spells in pvp.


They’ve specifically said they’re leaving combat the way it was, I assume it’ll remain this way.


No you could predict it and Gouge a Mage’s blink like this:


Certainly you realize that this is not going to be replicated correct? There is just no way. It’s one of those changes where you are simply just going to have to accept it. This isn’t going to change the meta at all that is a little bit exaggerated bud


If you can’t stop a rogue from resealthing after gouge that makes them over powered, if you can’t tremor totem a psychic scream that weakens shamans against priests, if you can’t fear a kidney shot that weakens priests against rogues, if you can’t vanish a death coil that weakens rogues against warlocks, if you can’t gouge a blink that weakens rouges against mages.

The meta changes, lol.


No this doesn’t change the meta. Only top players ever pull these off and they are quite lucky/rare when it happens. The only one of these that is actually semi easy to replicate is the deathcoil vanish, in which case if they are that good at pvp, they will have a shadow reflector anyway.

This does not change the meta this just makes extremely lucky scenarios gone.


Tbh, they should just do better so meta isn’t even a thing. Let people play what they want and be successful. Everyone with strengths/weaknesses.

It’s so tiresome seeing only certain classes be permissible every few months.

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Are you even going to refute my points? You just say “it doesn’t change it” when I list examples of how it does, and don’t even refute my points.

I just listed like five examples of predictable interactions where you could use spell batching in PvP, consistently. You only know/care about the deathcoil thing because it was a TBC meme from neilyo but there were plenty of other similar events.

If a Rogue has combo points, he’s likely going to stun you as soon as his energy builds up, so you hit fear and it he ends up wasting his kidney.

If you’re a Priest running towards a Mage, he doesn’t want to be feared and he’s almost surely going to Blink right when you get in range, but if you time it right you can fear him at the same time he Blinks, and he wastes the blink.

If you’re a Shaman and a Priest is running towards you, he’s most likely going to fear you as soon as he’s in range if he knows your tremor is destroyed, but if you press Tremor right when he gets in range, he fears you and you drop the tremor at the same time.


I did refute your points. Maybe try reading past what you quoted and you save yourself from looking like an idiot before you start commenting.

All except one of the scenarios you pointed out are complete luck EVEN if you see it coming and try to time it.


Spell batching will only affect the highest of the highest level PvP, ans since there is no rated PvP in classic anyway (not to mention zero effort to balance classes themselves) its really a non-issue


No you contradicted yourself and wrote total nonsense.

That completely contradicts itself. If you’re not big into PvP then fine but don’t stand there and say “it doesn’t change the meta because only top players could do this”. That’s absurd.

The idea that these situations were just lucky is absolutely retarded. Yeah fine, you couldn’t do them 100% perfect every single time, but it’s not like you can land a headshot in CS every single time 100% perfect, but you can do it often if you’re good.


Except landing a headshot in CS is actually skill based not luck based.


How in the hell is vanishing a deathcoil luck based? How in the hell is Gouging a blink luck based?


Because it’s not based on your skill, it’s based on how the server is resolving the abilities.

It’s really not hard to understand, if you miss a headshot in CS it’s because your cross hair wasn’t in the right spot. If you happen to land mutually exclusive abilities in wow it’s because you got lucky with how the server randomly happened to resolve them.


Okay but if you’re anticipating a death coil, or you’re anticipating a blink, and you intentionally time your vanish, or your gouge, or whatever else - how is that luck?

I don’t care how much skill you want to quantify that outcome as but it’s not a random event - it’s something you can control reliably.


Because you still have no control over how the server will actually resolve the abilities.


Yes you do, the server would 100% of the time leave the mage as gouged if you gouged him at the same time as blink. You could 100% vanish a death coil, every single time without fail if you timed it right. You could sit out there in durotar and do it over, and over, and over. The behavior was not undefined/random, it was consistent and predictable. In what way is it not?


Except it wasn’t consistent or predictable. You’re claiming the handful of times it happened to work for you trump the many more times where either your ability went off or the other persons did despite everything else being the same.