Latest change is more proof that Classic was to kill vanilla hype

Weren’t people asking for no cross realm bgs? This is a step in that direction so whats the problem. Now the pool is smaller so you can see the same players more often.


Yea, you’re not delusional at all…

Stop drinkin the coolaid kid.


Spell batching is required for the game to play similarly to the old experience. Leeway has less necessity and is a bit ridiculous, having very little to do with core gameplay compared to batching, however.

The batching could be toned down a slight bit, but is necessary for things to work like CCing each other at the same time, and the vanish mechanic working properly.

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Batching is the reason Feign death DOES NOT work properly and they already stated this.

I actually know and understand how spell batching works. I know what they can or can’t do. Lets make things as slow and wonky as 2004 so mages can sheep each other. Its so fun kicking a cast and it still going off…

Dumb down your reaction and skill level and it’s fine… Logic


That’s how it worked before, go play retail if you want it to work differently. Being able to CC each other actually has implications for high level gameplay, something you likely aren’t capable of using to your advantage by the sounds of it. I purposefully vanished a hammer of justice and a psychic scream today, and if it weren’t for events like that, classic gameplay would be extremely boring.


I wouldn’t even call this “2004 spell batching”. I played on dial up for most of vanilla, and it was never this bad.


The actual batch rate was between 1-400ms, there is documented evidence of this prior to classic. It would have been less noticeable when you were used to playing with 150-300ms.

Not that you’d accurately remember something as precise as a hundredth of a second of delay. I think toning it down to 300ms would be a nice compromise to make up for the improvements in internet we have now, while retaining its function.


How amazingly satisfying is it when you gouge somebody’s blink? :eggplant:

Grieste, spell batching does not replicate the game play accurately. Some of it it does, some of it it does not.

Maybe you were 5 and can’t remember how FD and some other abilities worked, they do not work the same.

They don’t fix it because they don’t want to spend more money or whatever. But it is not the same and telling people they don’t remember is massive arrogance on your part.

As for the OP, it seems like conspiracy is at work but think of all MMOs, sometimes they do make repeated poor choices/changes. In defense of the devs, it is 60/40 good/bad IMO. But yeah, sometimes you gotta wonder what the heck they were thinking.

The reason if feels so bad is the pings are so low these days.

Back in vanilla it was common for most people to have a 150ms+ ping, even on broadband. The broadband infrastructure just wasn’t there and the server location was very important. I remember playing on a east coast server in the midwest, on 20mb broadband in 2006 and my ping was 270+. Picking a server located closer would dramatically reduce the ping. I can get a lower ping playing with a hotspot now than I could in 2006.

Now the server I play on my ping is 16ms average. So spells to me have a huge variance in the delay of when you cast vs registered. Depends on when the batch goes through. The batching did exist back then, but the average ping was closer to 200ms probably, so everything had a delay less than 200ms if a batch goes off every 400ms.

Now with such a low ping that most players have, you can have an instant spell cast to one that takes half a second to go off. If the batching was increased to 5 tick instead of 2.5 tick it would probably feel much more accurate.

Sometimes I play at my parents house when I’m visiting. They have a different ISP and thus have a different route to the server, there my ping is usually 70+. The game actually feels better with a higher ping because its closer to the spell batch interval.

About as satisfying as when the mage nova’s me takes 10 steps turns around to sheep only to see im still smashing his face cause leeway.

I’m more upset about them nerfing the pally mount graphic.

Yes they were, look at the likes:

Leeway has never not existed in WoW; it still exists today.

Plenty of players were asking for Batttlegroups.

I’m quick to recognize Blizzard faults, but i think people are jumping the gun here. Since the BG change I have noticed no increase in queue time, and higher quality games (premade vs premade). On the best bg by the way… BG1

This is how you summarize a company completely out of touch with its customers

It’s pretty awesome, basically the only way to beat a mage without being prep spec or two shotting them when shield is down, since frost reflector doesn’t immune nova or cone of cold like some old forum posts say and how all the private servers worked.

It’s VERY likely that there are workarounds to fixing the feign death issues from a programming perspective without reworking spell batching. There are issues with vanish and mobs attacking through batch as well.

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What if I were to tell you that spell batching has always been part of the game?

Didn’t we have HUNDREDS of posts screaming about not having cross realm PVP when they first came out with them?

Now… its non stop complaining when they take a significant step in that direction…



lol you have zero clue as to how or what spell batching even is.

Spell batching has always been a part of the game lol what are you on about? At the very least google spell batching before you post some crap like that.

There should be an IQ test to post on the forums, good grief.