It's time. Reduce the batching window

Man so many people have not recieved BoP or LoH and died since i have started this paladin. I hate it. :confused:

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Advocating changes because you think they’ll improve the gameplay of Classic is a little different than advocating for something you KNOW makes the gameplay worse because it’s authentic.


No-changers had the intention of making the gameplay worse, and they succeeded.


And it’s not even authentic.

The “no changes crowd” didn’t decide to put spell batching into the game, Blizzard did. At least get it right if you are complaining.



Purposefully making the game work worse than it did 15 years ago is insane.


Blizzard did because the “authenticity before fun”, aka “No-changers” campaigned for Spell Batching here:

and here you can see them excited about Blizzard’s decision to revert to the stone ages:

Plenty of people there who now regret their support of Vanilla Spell Batching.


Authenticity IS fun.


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No, they did it because the #nochanges crowd drowned out all other voices and Blizzard thought people wanted the game to be exactly as it was.


You’re level 33 on a PvE realm. I guess I can understand your ignorance about the implications of Spell Batching.

If ALL Authenticity is fun, cap your FPS to 15 and play on a 17 inch CRT.

Except the batching implementation we have in classic isn’t authentic.

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I’m worried the batching was deemed necessary in order to address some performance issue that was observed during development of classic.

It does impact the responsiveness of healing, unfortunately, heals landing late in pvp makes me sad.

Batching is authentic. The 400ms or whatever was not what people advocated for.


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No they just advocated for batching, and 400 MS is what it was in vanilla.

Of course the implementation is different which the #nochange crowd ignored and ignored the major issues reported during beta with it.

So yeah the #nochange wanted a bad not authentic experience.


Because I doubt you’ll read it because you don’t care about facts:

Posted by Celestalon
I don’t want to get too deep into the under-the-hood workings of WoW servers, but here’s a super short version. Any action that one unit takes on another different unit used to be processed in batches every 400ms.

Nah keep love the post though.

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I agree. It doesn’t take a hardcore player to notice the batching and that it makes the game delayed. Heck, it doesn’t take a player of WoW or games at all to notice the game as a whole has an big delay to it.

While one could make the argument that Retail has this, sure i’l believe that, infact, seldom are the moments where i’ve come across batching catching up and that’s because it’s so fast that it’s rarely noticeable. One could make the argument that taking it out would make the game worse, no, it would make the game more responsive and less delayed if it’s taken out or nerfed, which in turn leads to a better game experience in Classic. Because Classic is a good game, but this flaw in particular just makes the more intense situations of the game, which is practically 50% of them, almost unbearable at times. This reminds me not so fondly of BFA’s worst WQ, The Cycle of Life. Not only being a retread of Beachhead at a different perspective, but with an added delay that makes imputing commands which should be instant, instead feel unresponsive to control.

It’s kinda of depressing to see that even the unofficial “eviiiiiiil pirate” servers already figured out way before Blizzard did, who suppose to know their stuff cause, ya know… they made the game.

But i guess just like Bethesda, the player know more the dev’s handiwork then the dev themselves.

Yes there is actually. You would just make the console fanboys mad. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: /joke

It had good intentions, but the coding to replicate poor internet/old computers has done more harm than good.

There are some things you can never get back, and that’s okay. That’s what makes them good (or not) memories.


As a healer I feel this is the biggest change that really needs to be made. I take great pride in keeping allies alive in both pve and pvp and it really sucks when I get the heal off in time but because of batching they still die


It feels SO TERRIBLE as a healer

And if your healcomm isn’t working or people aren’t using it in raid god help you if you don’t like to overheal

edit - not to mention i can mount run to flag from e balc…