Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

Okay, that’s just flat out wrong. You got hit all the time out of Vanish in Vanilla. It was a common issue vs hunters, to the point where you’d often gouge their pet just to ensure a clean vanish. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Same as 90% of the people making claims about these ‘glitches’ lol. I’m to the point from when I read “I played back then and I don’t remember…” I instantly think they never played back then or they are referring to a pserver they have been playing.

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One thing that for sure has crept in to this Vanilla-emulation is the weird Cataclysm-era mechanic where you never outright kill a mob, you drop it to 1 hp and it dies on the next batch. This is especially noticeable as a warrior with Execute. I never flat-out kill a mob with Execute; instead, I Execute, the health drops to a sliver, I usually get hit one more time, and then the mob dies suddenly. It’s very frustrating as I’ve had a few fights end in apparent murder-suicide (we both die).


This right here! It happens way more often than i thought it would. Heals as well. Flash of light into a holy shock… takes like an extra second to process and actually heal the target.

Maybe, maybe not. Doesn’t change the fact that the loudest voices shouted, “vanilla spellbatching!”

I thought the Vanilla server processed spells in batches.

Are you saying there were spells in Vanilla that could skip the entire queue for spells waiting to be processed?

As a paladin, I find it funny that I can Repentance (incapacitate) a mob/player and immediately cast Judgement of Command and the damage will not awaken the incapacitated player, but it will give me the double damage for using Judgment of Command on an incapacitated target.

Spell batching is borked.


My favorite is switching from wanding to casting.
Cancel wand with move
Wait for gcd to cast life saving ability
Continue casting wand


https: //cdn dot discordapp dot com/attachments/227952787936378880/626282211066511390/3bhi9w.png

just highlight your link next time and push the </> button the top

yeah Execute feels bad. Shield bash has to be cast early or the interrupt fails. Overpower seems delayed too but it may just be paranoia on my part.

There have been former game devs that have even stated that their were spells that should not be batched, and never were batched. Would link clips but I cannot link.

If you’re speaking of the clip I think you’re referring to, the clip was him describing how they changed specific abilities to take priority over the batches in later expansions because of how wonky it was in vanilla.

Bump because nothing’s really been changed or confirmed!

Because it’s working like it did in Vanilla.

lmao this is funny.

Yeah, funny cause it’s true.

Someone linked me a clip from one of Joana’s early leveling videos from vanilla. This answers a question elsewhere I had about vender/ui lag so I guess at least this one part of the sluggish world is correct. you can see how delayed the selling and purchasing of arrows is here. sigh :sleepy:

How about this one:

Look how long it takes before they’re snared by Blizzard.

Spell Batching is awful and a few people tried to tell everyone this when they were pressing Blizzard to implement it in this thread here:

Here’s people praising Blizzard for deciding to bring us back to the stone ages:

You’ll probably recognize a few familiar faces of people who are now vehemently against Spell Batching. Instead of admitting they were wrong, they’ve decided to claim that Blizzard failed at properly introducing Spell Batching despite mountains of video evidence that shows how terrible it used to be and how accurate it is to what we have now.

Getting hit by mobs that were cheap shotted or gouged wasn’t a thing

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