Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

They stealth changed around the same time they changed reckoning. Source: A ret paladin I asked whose somewhat of a zealot about this kinda stuff.


Im going to assume adding it into the next batch completly broke the chance for it to gain 2 attacks due to batching. Funny way of fixing it imo. Ah well.

Yet they left Elemental Mastery alone.

smh :woman_shrugging:

Strange because that’s a bug; HoJ instead was just being exploited.

Funny enough. They could just remove batching all together. It was a feature majority of people didn’t want and hardly makes sense in 2020. Why they felt other quality of life choices that weren’t present in Vanilla were warranted to put into Classic, but artificially creating “lag” is something we wanted to re-experience.

It’s as if they didn’t learn what worked through the private projects that have been running since Vanilla ceased to exist :thinking:

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They listened to the community about batching:

The community was very happy when they announced they would be reverting to an archaic Vanilla batch system:

Now we have some of those same people speaking out against batching. The problem is, instead of admitting they were wrong, they’re just claiming Blizzard didn’t implement it properly.

People not being able to admit they were wrong is why Blizzard is never going to remove Vanilla batching.

Yea, Blizzard has proven they can’t maintain a desired modern version of WoW Vanilla that the private projects have been striving to achieve for decades. It was just until recently, last 5 years or so, that emulation projects became very high quality. If Blizzard’s Classic servers were a private project, it’d have life, but it’d be far from the most popular I think.

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Given the quality that I have seen on one private server first hand, blizzard would be in a rough place because even with the private servers not being 100% accurate, they are really impressive.

For the record datamining suggests this should happen with 8/8 Bloodfang procs as well. Let’s get ahead on this, shouldn’t happen for runeblade, flask, or bloodfang.

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congrats Blizzard, you have now broken the game…

KHLAUSELast Sunday at 4:07 PM

LOL saw your diamond flask post today, that’s fkn epic dude… makes me wish that was a quest trinket for any class…

KHLAUSELast Monday at 10:41 AM

One of our warrior tanks tried it out last week and the TPS it provided was truly bonkers… That alone is game breaking.

ThelorasLast Monday at 10:41 AM

Can you send me the log plz
Did he use it for each boss?

##KHLAUSELast Monday at 10:42 AM
Just Vael, we don’t log much man.
I will ask them to log this week.
Lets put it this way I was able to spam Backstab without using Vanish to clear my threat.
That’s now wack it is.

ThelorasLast Monday at 10:46 AM

How much healing does he have when he activates the snapshot?
Do you amp magic him?
Or give him PI?

KHLAUSELast Monday at 10:46 AM

He said he was up too ~1200+ healing.
How insane is that???

ThelorasLast Monday at 10:46 AM



The Diamond Flask and the Rune blade make perfect sense, but not sure how the rogue set would work out here.

To snapshot the healing effect and change out gear doesn’t the player have to first be out of combat use the ability or object then change gear and then enter combat?

If so then how would a rogue do this because he would need to be in combat with the 8/8 bloodfang set on for that to take place.

2 x Grand Marshal Healing Maces with +55 Healing on each
2 x Healing/Spell Dmg trinkets macroed together on activation
2 x Cauterizing Band
Healing Necklace
Healing Cloak


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Would that be worth while tho in PVE? Maybe some niche PVP situations it would work out interestingly well but PVE? Do you think rogues would give up real damage for +healing procs?

Loatheb :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder does healing gear help with Paladin Judgement of Light? That is an interesting situation if so.

no doesn’t scale alas

Well that is dumb. How come the diamond flask and runeblade get special treatment?

Monkey Coding at its finest…

It really is, there are some things that seem to be busted. Hard to prove but just don’t play as I remember. Eh who knows, maybe I am wrong, maybe every single person who played Vanilla is wrong. Maybe the private server guys who also played vanilla also just remember it wrong.

Its possible, but how probable?

This is how the Diamond Flask functioned in Vanilla.