400 MS Batching/2.5 Tick Servers

That’s funny considering all vanilla pvpers have been and do support it. Hmm

can you cite me where you’ve asked each individual vanilla pvper and their response is to support it?

the results are undeniable. it allows some spells to be cheesed for the casters benefit yet ruins almost everything else the batching interacts with.

Should I reroll from hunter to warlock for an alt? @Amazin

Also…call me paypg dady

Oh I’m sorry, I meant all the vanilla pvpers who actually enjoy vanilla pvp.

Why are you assuming I don’t enjoy vanilla pvp because I don’t like the manufactured lag which causes spell interactions to fail miserably? I’ve spent years on private servers and even 60 twinking in older retail expansions, I love vanilla wow and pvping in it.

it doesn’t make spell batching not absolutely garbage.

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Then you should be use to spell batching if you’ve played years on pservers.

Spell batching was a massive milestone for classic and it is here to stay. If you don’t like it then just leave :slight_smile:

PvP needs spell batching or the meta is tarnished

Notice how this is approached as a positive instead of a negative, it wasn’t until the retail kiddies started coming over that this became an issue.

being used to manufactured lag designed to cause spell interactions to fail doesn’t mean it isn’t terrible.

it’s only a milestone for lower skilled pvpers to be quite honest, many of those players are probably entrenched in boomer culture. find me anyone that isn’t a mouthbreather in PvP that enjoys having their spells thrown into the void in life/death situations ingame.

Already been over this. The person who made the video that promoted the inclusion of spell batching hates the way it’s been implemented. The batching window is too large.

Lol actually it defines the meta for the more skilled players. Maybe you need to read up on the history of spell batching and wow classic. It seems you are pretty new here, did you here about classic like 4 months ago?

‘The person’ you say this as if there was a single person to push this, also the person who you are referring to made that video POST everyone already talking about it, so you’re saying some random no name youtber who was trying to ride the hype train during spell batching discussions doesn’t agree with it anymore?

Oh no let’s take his word as gospel LOL. You seem to put almost all your knowledge with random youtubers. I’m starting to see a pattern

thanks captain obvious. of course its meta defining, it can cause spell interactions to completely fail LOL

don’t worry i’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on forums spouting “ArE yOu NeW hErE??” as BGs come out and everyone remembers just how badly batching as we have it reduces the quality of PvP.

I don’t think you understand what I’m telling you. People play around this. It makes it more skillful. There’s nothing skillful about Hitting vanish. Oh wow you hit vanish at a random time that’s so good. But if you are good you can make it eat a spell as well. Making a warlock waste a coil, or a mage a root. This takes way more skill.

Low skill players don’t play around batching, it just sort of happens for them randomly. That’s not helpful to the noob lol jfc

of course they do, they have no choice but to.

no, it doesn’t.

no… it doesn’t. see my above comment about low skilled pvpers, like you, evidently.

40x easier to hit a vanish on coil compared to Vanilla and you’re talking about skill. 5Head

Idk if you’re intentionally being dense or not but holy Christ this is embarrassing this is like explaining something to a child.

Objectively incorrect

Yeah ok bud. Seems you are just some random challenger rat who can’t grasp simple pvp facts.

Maybe it is, but it’s not because of how the spell batching is setup but how much better your connection is. Dude you really should stop talking you aren’t doing yourself any favors lol

you seem to be unable to realise the things you think take high skill, do not. it’s you who is the “challenger rat” here lmao

imagine frothing over vanishing a coil, and preferring it over having interrupts working properly. truly the mark of a sub 1k rated player.

You already outed yourself bud there’s nothing more to say to a rat.

bro you can spout insults and call others rats until the cows come home, your posts say more than I ever could about your ability (or lack thereof) to PvP well.

K brother. Post your account let’s see the rat ness

you first bro, you want to bring out “challenger rats” you better show something, other than the ineptitude shown in your posts.

also lmfao you call people retail kiddies then call them challenger rats. guess we can add hypocritical to the list for you eh?

looking it at though you upped the insults after I mentioned you frothing over vanishing a coil like its high skill. maybe I hit a nerve.