Spell batching lowers your DPS, causes tanks to die and wipes raids - get rid of it

It makes the game harder

Get rid of it

You see this all the time on private servers and in retail. People simultaneously believe that vanilla was really easy but also that it should be changed to be easier. Maybe vanilla was easy, maybe it actually was hard - we’ll never know if they ruin it, lol

I think (after watching this) its a few things.

  1. Nobody but mage can go this fast.
  2. Possible based on beta/private differences it wont work this fast.
  3. This guy was doing it alone, no competition for mobs.

I’m still amazed, but I dont want to play a mage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s another problem with spell batching. Mage AoE and Blizzard. Because of spell batching, it’s not possible to AoE grind as effectively, which means it’s not possible to level in 2 days /played like people do on private servers. That’s stupid. If you remove spell batching then skilled players can come out on top like that.

Private servers don’t have spell batching - and look what happens. Some guy practiced those better mechanics and was able to break the world record by leveling twice as fast.


I remember a thread just like this with almost the same title.

With the same bad arguments * cough * arguments… * cough *


So you are arguing FOR spell batching now?

Spell Batching is in because the players want it.


Considering he was bugged at launch to not lava splash under certain conditions (aka you wiped or someone was using an engineer’s telescope) he would probably be killed quicker if launched “on original settings” lol

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its strange to me that people actually want a higher sever tick rate just because thats how online games were 15 years ago

id rather have the modern system but its not up to me. you can save the go play bfa comments too, i have played and left a few times already. might go back again too


People wanted it because a few youtuber/streamers that were “big pvpers” (dogcrap in all but two cases) on the private server scene pushed for it in videos.



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Imagine being so young and naive you actually believe this.

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Imagine not improving at all in 13 years.


Now I understand your problem. I don’t think Classic means what you think it means.


I watched that interview. Jokerd said there were exploits used (atleast one that i recall), dynamic spawns, some abilities working differently, and he was aoe farming which is going to be difficult to pull off with melee leeway.

His time was very impressive and players have had 15 years to improve their leveling routes. I see the official record being beat, just not sure by how much.

Additionally I don’t believe we as gamers have improved that much. We are more knowledgeable, which in its own way makes us better. It’s my opinion that there are two sides to this coin where only discussing heads and ignoring tails doesn’t do the arguement justice.

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Except we now know there were special cases where certain abilities were fired off outside the batch window for “twitch” style gameplay - in Vanilla.

Not all abilities, but some. Here’s hoping Blizz gets those correct and doesn’t doom those to the batching window.

LOL, no. People are every bit as crap; you just think they’re better because you were terrible and over the last 15 years you improved.

Overall the players have not improved at all; old players come and go, great players come and go, just as crap players come and go.

Some get better with practice and knowledge, others get noticeably worse.

As a result the player base has not changed, there are still bad players, decent players and great players.

You don’t, you only think you do; even modern WoW is slow by gaming standards. Until you can beat my high scores on pinball tables you’re just pitifully slow.

Regarding the rest of your post; get good.

I say this because you’re crying about a 15 year old video game being too hard because you don’t like how it plays.

Essentially I am saying you’re a bad gamer, you’re slow, and you whine because you want to change the game to be easier.

The moral of all this is get good.

No, I’m arguing against it. If spell batching is removed then people are capable of more. That gives the game more depth. There’s a reason the world leveling world record on private servers is 2 days - twice as fast as vanilla - internet is twice as fast and people are twice as good.

Venruki played Vanilla and TBC. He wears a TBC rank 1 arena title. Lol.
I don’t know if Cdew played vanilla but he definitely played TBC. He has glad mounts from TBC.

So if anything, the old guard is actually still on top, you just provided counterevidence.

I still can’t believe people are surprised that cdew wins tournaments. elemental shamans are stupid strong, especially at level 40.

high base damage? check
high burst potential? check
low hp enemies? check
offensive dispell? check
heals that scale with your spell power? check

what a shocker.

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Is this deja vu or did you try to revive, practically verbatim, a dead discussion?

Spell batching might have its issues, but those issues do not impede gameplay for Classic. They impede twitchy reflex gameplay and hail mary spellcasts. I’m not sure at what point that became the reality of WoW’s gameplay, but I am confident it wasn’t during Vanilla and won’t be for Classic.

That’s not to say that I don’t understand where you’re coming from; I do, but I feel like your desires are not in keeping with this game’s spirit. Rewarding effective GCD timing down to a couple milliseconds, plotting for effective casts where the difference between a heal or bubble landing- these are glorious features in a game with a much faster pace and more chaotic situations, something more akin to esports and flashy effects.

I’m glad that you, and many if not most others, have improved your skills in this arena since 2004-6. I’d like to believe I have as well. However, these are not the skills that Classic is designed to reward or require. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but this kind of contrast to retail is a good thing.

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