Can we all agree about spellbatching?

that always feels good…happens to me as well.


It’s there to allow classic things, like 2 warriors charging each other only to end up with them switching positions and being stunned, or mages sheeping each other etc etc.

As an older gamer, i love it, im not as fast as i used to be and WoW was never an esport, nor should it be.

Leeway is the bigger issue impacting gameplay, though i do think spell batching needs a tune. Like maybe dropping it to 250-300 ms instead of the 400ms its at currently, getting rid of it outright would be a bad idea.

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That would be fine if it actually worked like it did back then.

Beyond the artificallly large batch window, there’s also things happening in the wrong order all the time. Interrupted abilities still go off, my succubus evade-resets mobs that don’t get updated of her visible status in time, etc…

Why yes.

Yes we can

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“How can we make sure Classic doesn’t poach too many Retail customers?”
“Wait, I have an idea!”

You have to admit, it is brilliant.

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This was one of the things Blizzard listened to the community on. If you want to blame people, here you go:

I don’t like spell batching but it’s authentic and the community wanted it.

I can’t tell you how many people i have put blessing of protection on, just to see them die. Also divine intervention, they still died even at 20% health.

Been playing Anni AV nonstop for the past few days on my 120 Hunter. It’s been so long since I played him, I found myself having to readjust from all the time I’ve spent on my classic Hunter. And it’s not just remembering no deadzone and that certain abilities behave differently, it’s the spell fluidity. Being able to disengage to a hi-explosive trap, land and line up my aimed shot without feeling sluggish and delayed.

I don’t fully understand spell batch, so not entirely sure if that’s the reason classic feels a bit off, but I do wish the combat felt as smooth as retail. However, if the classic experience requires spell batch to be complete, I won’t complain about it existing.

2005 was such a long time ago, I honestly don’t remember if it felt this sluggish.

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I totally agree that it’s terrible, but it’s not going to change. There are enough misguided people that will parrot ‘no changes’ on the subject of spell batching that Blizzard will never change it. I’m a big no changes guy myself, but spell batching doesn’t make Classic feel authentic, it makes it feel like garbage. … but it won’t change.

I don’t mind spell batching at all

Like if anything it just helps people with bad internet get better ping

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I have to agree, particularly since they took the trouble to port the client to the legion engine. I would have imagined that by making the port, Blizzard intended Classic to benefit from the improvements to the system over the years.

Instead… they have purposely incorporated mechanics that existed in 2006 as compensation for lag, i.e., bad client/server latency.

They could have let well alone and released a true 1.12 and have done with it.


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Spell batching doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Maybe it doesn’t bother me though because I’m able to adapt pretty easily to that kind of stuff.

I’m guessing you probably don’t PvP then? It is a huge problem when an attack that is interrupted remains in queue and goes off anyway because the queue basically creates an artificial latency between your interrupt and the attack.

This has a material and adverse effect on gameplay for many classes.

Naw I pvp. It’s actually pretty enjoyable to be able to hit people with fear even though I’m stunned.

enjoy getting counterspelled after you’re not casting then, I guess.

Hasn’t happened yet, but people have a tendency to take the wrong spellschool bait anyway so it’s not really a problem.

Maybe priests are not as affected as rogues, hunters and druids?

Beats me. Maybe you don’t notice it as much because you’re focusing on the negatives. Like when you get hit by spell batching, but missing out on when you get an advantage due to it. It goes both ways you know?

It’s AFTER you’re not casting. So say for example, I juke an interrupt. Then I run forward a few steps. I get CS’d then. Well after I’m done casting.