Did Blizzard ever poll their players about spellbatching?

I’m new and wasn’t here for the release, or beta.
I’d like to know if Blizzard ever, democratically, conducted a poll for their audience/players to decide whether to implement this 400ms spellbatching thing?

At first I thought it was just lag, but now I’m discovering that this was a deliberate implementation called “spellbatching”, decided on before launch due to outcries of what is likely a minority of the WoW Classic population.

Would anyone else like the idea of at least introducing certain servers with NO spellbatching while leaving the current ones the way they are for those who like it?
I’d certainly like to see the results of such a poll.

I doubt that Blizzard took a “democratic” poll about anything. Why would they? WoW is not a “player-decided” game". It is not a “democratic” game. We don’t vote for the devs.

I’d be curious about what was in those surveys. I sure didn’t get one.

They almost never poll for anything.

Blizzard very recently polled its playerbase to determine how they should introduce potential TBC servers which I think is very cool. I love that Blizzard actually cares enough about its playerbase to take their opinions into consideration.

There was a large post about the necessity of spell batching by a private server dev/admin whatever you want to call him. That post received a tremendous number of upvotes and Blizzard later announced they would be taking us back to the stone age because of this “No-change” community.

Their announcement post also received a tremendous number of upvotes. Now that the “No-change” community realizes how bad they messed up, they’re blaming Blizzard for “not getting it right”. Spell batching was changed years ago for a reason, the current implementation is correct and it’s awful just like it was 15 years ago.


Ah okay. Thank you for the info you provided. There was no poll then? It was decided by these forum topics? Hmm… Well I sure wish we could have a poll on this spellbatching matter, because it seems to be coming up a lot and seems to be unwanted more now than ever.

Blizzard originally announced they’d be taking community feedback on the development of Classic. This was definitely one of those things the community helped decide.