Is Isboxer legal?

Hello everyone is Isboxer legal to be used in world of warcraft??

i know some friends that use isboxer to controle easily their heroes in the game, for example when you use one character to go somewhere clicking and other ones do the same click in the same spot.

I’m afraid we cannot comment about any specific software, Svenla, we are simply unable to give you a blanket approval or tell you that you shouldn’t use it. It isn’t our program, we can’t fully know what it does.

Overall, multiboxing software tends simply reproduce your keystroke across multiple World of Warcraft clients. In that case, there generally isn’t anything wrong with it. It isn’t a supported playstyle, but neither is it prohibited.

If the program provides any kind of automation, even if you do not use it, that could cause an issue. If anything I’d recommend talking to the multiboxing community to see what their take on it is.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a clearer answer.


well be cause is not a clear answaer. if i use the “Isboxer” for multiboxing at least will i get notificate first if im doing something wrong? cause i will not like to spend money in more accounds if the accounds will get bann enyways.

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Its use at your own if 1 button per action not 1 button doing 50 things at once.

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Not really, you won’t get a warning.


No, I’m afraid not. If an account is detected using something considered automation or another cheat program, action is taken based on that. We don’t tend to warn for situations like that.


but this makes no sense! if you are not telling me if this is right to be used or not. but if it is, you would not even warn me?? does this sounds unfair?

i mean, im taking this personal not be cause i realy want to use isboxer, its cause im lawyer, and makes no sense to punish something that is not typify as something wrong but it will be punish enyways without even warn about it!!

Isboxer can be used to multibox safely and without getting banned. I don’t think it even is capable of doing anything like automation, or anything against the rules. But if it is, it is your job to know what that is and not do it. That is why blizzard won’t just give software a total approval - it can have multiple functions, and some might be ok while others are not.

Your best bet is to be aware of what behaviors are and aren’t allowed, and find a multiboxer community to discuss what they use.


Blizzard cannot vouch for the quality of the application, do not retain expert understanding of the application, and have neither knowledge nor control over hidden or future functionalities of the application.


ok, im agreed about that. but what’s the matter about just send a warning before banning?

Uh… huh.

At any rate, your warning is the End User License Agreement. Those are the rules of the game by which you’re expected to comply. If you don’t read them, that’s on you, but you’re stating that you’ve read them by clicking the “Accept” button. That’s tantamount to signing a contract without reading it. You’re not absolved of its terms just because you didn’t read it. If you don’t comply, you can expect action taken against your account.


Blizzard never sanctions third party software. Even if it is within acceptable use now, the next update to it may break the TOS and 10 years from now, folks would dig up an old post “proving” Blizzard said it was ok to use.

As far as a warning goes, if police catch you with an illegal drug, they don’t warn you, they apply the law despite protestations that you didn’t know the drug was illegal. They do not give you the opportunity to possibly profit from the illegal items.
If Blizzard catches you violating the TOS, they apply the rules you agreed to and sort things out later.


I toke my time to read all “blizzard end user license agreement” and Isboxer could be realte with is C. 2.

" bots; i.e. any code and/or software, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, that allows the automated control of a Game, or any other feature of the Platform, e.g. the automated control of a character in a Game;"

to understand my point you need to understand how isboxer works, basicly is a software that allows to control multiple characters at the same time. It is realy usefull when you have alts and you are trying to do the same quest at ones with all of them, them do the same thing one by one.

It say if it is a “automated control”, so… if is the players that is doing the command, is it considerate an “automated command”?
as far as i know doing “bots cheating” is when you are not even in the computer while a software is doing somethin in the game for you.

btw i hope i express myself correctly, english is not my main tongue.

You are not going to get a yes or a no answer. It is not going to happen.

Blizzard has no control over this program. None. You might as well ask will I grt in trouble for having Chrome open too?

Of course my example is stupid but what if one day chrome could interact with the game and do automation?

The answer would be thrown in Blizzards face. Years down the road. It sounds like as of now the program is ok, but Blizzard has no control of what happens to the program, what features get put in. This is why you not grt a yes or no answer.


If the software even allows any kind of automation, I’d steer clear of it. There are plenty of different key cloning software packages out there that have been used for many years too. Do a little research into it, find some good multiboxing sites and see what they suggest.

Here are a few of the basic Blizz rules that you want to be sure not to break when multiboxing:

  1. A single key-press should only create 1 single action per account.
  2. Nothing at all should be automated (movement, button presses, etc.)
  3. If you can’t make the macro using the in-game macro feature, do not try to make it using out-of-game software.

I did a very little bit of multiboxing many years ago in WoW. It was a lot harder than it looked, so I wish you better luck than I had!


The program still requires user input to control the characters now, so technically still is not considered automation. If you can walk away from the computer, and the program can still play the game for you, then it’s crossed that line.

As you noted, that program doesn’t do that currently, but it probably would not be out of the realm of possibility that someone else could alter the program to do just that, then Blizzard would have to consider banning for it.

Hence it is a gray area that you won’t get a clear answer on.


I’d avoid it at all costs. Of course I also find multiboxing quite distasteful and againt the spirit of the rules. I think the game would be better without any multiboxing allowed.

The typical response from someone who doens’t understand how it works, its been allowed for years and proven time and time again that it doesn’t break any of the rules of the game. The person controlling the characters still have to press buttons and make LOTS of hot keys to do it well. Not to mention have some sort of way of payment for the accounts involved.

Let’s not get into that here. The OP got his answer.


Whoa there fella. I only said I think it’s against the spirit of the game and suggested the OP avoid any such software. I know how it works and I know it’s tolerated (reluctantly) by Blizz. I don’t like it and think the game would be better off without it. That is all.:kissing_heart: