[H] <IGF> Faerlina|54/54|Top 50 US Speed| Tue/Thur 9:30p-12:30a EST|LF TANK, Ret Pally

SERVER: Faerlina PvP-East

Progress: 54/54

Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore Speedrunning (alt splits)

Notable WotLK Classic Achievements (all ranks at time of clear):

US #41 Ulduar 25 Speed (Horde #24)
Week 1 “The Undying”
US #83 (US Horde #47) Malygos Speed
World #100 (World Horde #55 (US # 25, US Horde #13)) Naxxramas 25 Speed
World #47 (US #14) Naxxramas 10 Speed (lmao)
“The Immortal”

Notable TBC Classic Achievements:

US Horde #67 Sunwell Speed
US #50 Hyjal Speed
World #67 (US Horde #9) for Gruul/Mag Speed All-Stars
World #32 for Kara (With Trash Skips) (US Horde #46 without)
World #41 (US Horde #5) for HKM
World #64 (US Horde #13) for Gruul
World #97 (US Horde #15) for Mag
(Rankings were all at the time of kill)

Current Recruitment Needs:

High Priority:

Tank main and alt who is comfortable DPSing on single tank fights
Ret Pally
Any exceptional DPS

Don’t hesitate to apply even if recruitment for your class is “closed,” as we’re always seeking exceptional players!

In vanilla classic Icelandic Gustavo Force set out with with the goal to be a hardcore guild for the casual player. We accomplished our goal by completing classic with a 37 minute MC, a 28 minute BWL, a 45 minute AQ 40, and cleared Naxx before Christmas before going on hiatus until TBC rolled around (We peaked as high as #23 US Horde in the BWL). We’re currently comprised of late-20’s early-30’s retail and private server veterans. We have numerous members with extensive raiding experience in top 100 raiding guilds through WoW’s various expansions, as well as multiple arena masters and multi-time gladiators. Some of our leadership were raiders in Casually Serious/Skunkworks (the guild name changed in ICC); during this time we were the #1 two-night raiding guild in the US (US 70 H-Lich King, US 87 H-Halion), raiding only 8 hours a week, when combined with our success in vanilla, it’s obvious that we understand what it takes to achieve our goals on a casual schedule.

Expectations: (Note: For WotLK we will be requiring 1 level 80 alt that fulfills the same role as your main. Both toons must be engineers).

Ideally we’re looking for players who would apply to Limit if they had the time (and this were retail), but that’s a bit unrealistic. So more realistically, we’re looking for those who are “cursed” with a real life (family, school, work, etc.) and can’t or won’t embrace the poopsock mentality, but still strive to conquer all that classic has to offer.

Do not apply if you are not 100% confident in your maturity as a human being (at least while fighting bosses). We will only recruit people who are as immune to individual failure as humanly possible while avoiding the prima donnas, flakes, lootmongers, and their ilk.

Do not apply if you are not the kind of person that obsesses about your class. If you don’t know what use a spreadsheet would be in maximizing your dps you might not be what we’re looking for.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 pm - 12:30am EST so 6 hours during progression. Raid times will never be extended past these hours, and raiding outside of them will never be required.

Loot: Everyone knows what a loot council is – we’re impartial, we don’t play favorites, we have the best interest of the guild in mind. The council is comprised of all raiders (with anonymous votes).

Contact us at
Discord: Pige0n#0001 (GM)
BattleNet: Pige0n#1387

or join our discord server


Apply at: forms.gle/D7pfP9wJZZXiNCSX8


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