Priest / Warrior Looking for PVP and Raiding Guild EST

Couple looking for hardcore PVP/Raid guild. I have been a Priest since the release of BC. I played Holy and Discipline. Hubs has been a Warrior or Rogue since BC. We have many many hours of raid exp. We play heavy PVP with progression Raiding. We are EST.

Hey there i think we might be what youre looking for. Check out our post here and feel free to reach out! :slight_smile:

Hey, Sendai.

We definitely have a need for both your classes for raiding. As for PvP we don’t have anyone explicitly pushing for rank 14, but we’ll have a handful for so going for rank 12-13, with multiple players who have past gladiator experience. Feel free to take a look at my guild’s spiel and let me know if you think we’d be a good fit for you guys.

You might want to join our guild. We plan to clear all PVE content, WPVP and Battlegrounds. If your interested check out our guild information:

The Seven Deadly Sins - NA Alliance PVP - Herod

About Us:
The Seven Deadly Sins is a guild that was formed by a handful of players that found themselves in a guild that wasn’t meeting their expectations. As is our nature, we decided to make our own guild so we can bring our goals to fruition. We have high aspirations and plan to be the most dominant guild on the server in both PvE and PvP.

What We Do:
Aside from progression raiding and pushing endgame content, we will actively be engaging in:
• World PvP: One of the main reasons we all love Classic WoW is Open World PvP. We want to be known as that guild on Herod that no one can beat. Let’s finally fix that Horde-dominated nonsense that’s taking place on live servers right now.
• Battlegrounds: We plan to have a few battleground teams that play both for fun and competitively. There will be a lot of e-sports events on Classic launch and we are aiming for Rank 1.

Raid Times:
Saturday&Sunday – 8:00PM EST to 12:00AM EST
We raid just 2 days, 8 hours total in a week, but we expect you to bring your A-game in those 8 hours so we can get things done. We don’t encourage or tolerate wasting time in raid. Depending on how we’re doing, we may add some extra time to raid nights. Outside of raid hours, we’re a super laid-back group that hangs out in Discord. We will be running a loot council that will cycle some different raiders into the council each week.


Warrior DPS: Medium
Warrior Tank: Closed 
Rogue: High
Mage: High
Priest: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Hunter: Low
Druid: Low
Paladin: Medium

If you would like to join:

reply here or you can contact me @

Discord = Tepheroth#7342

Discord = raikin77#7735

Or Join our discord at []

i live on the East coast. [H] Fairbanks Recruiting|Raids 6 p.m(pst)-|W-Pvp|BG's