Returning Raider Looking for Raiding Guild In Classic

Veteran Player looking to move to full time classic. Able to Raid several times a week, prefer 8PM EST or later…

Three Possible toons wanting to Play in Classic, would like to chat with whichever guild is interested in me.

  • Hunter
  • Shaman
  • Mage.

Battle Id is Deaths#11849 Look forward to chatting with whoever is interested Thanks.

Hey there, come check us out! I believe you’d be a great fit!
Your discord does not work, here’s mine.

What are you raid days and times? You mentioned you have 2 teams, what is needed?

Raid Team 1 Times:

  • Mondays 8pm-11pm Eastern
  • Wednesday 8pm-11pm Eastern
  • Saturday - Optional Casual Raid/PvP Events

Raid Team 2 Times:

  • Tuesday 12am-3am Central Time
  • Wednesday 12am-3am Central Time
  • Thursday 12am-3am Central ime
  • Saturday - Optional Casual Raid/PvP Events

Need a few dps spots filled and could use a couple warriors and healers still.

Hey Xynergyz, Riptore here, Team Lead for Dunamas. We are a Horde PVE semi hardcore raiding guild. We raid 9pm to 12am EST Tuesday and Friday and have an optional Saturday raid 2pm to 4pm EST. You would be welcome to play any class and specc you desire. Check out the recruitment thread and join me on Discord when you can. Look forward to hearing from you.[H] [US East PvE] Dunamas - Semi-Harcore Raiding Guild w/ PvP Flavor

Hello Xynergyz,

I’m running a Classic WoW guild on horde pvp based in US EST time. We plan to raid from 8pm to midnight (Hard stop) two nights a week.

Abit about us, I’m 28, in marketing, and most of our core needs to be up for work the next day. The guild name is going to be Dead Weight, where the only real rule is try your best to not be carried. I intend to run it as a casual-one shot raids guild. So far everyone in the guild that I’ve recruited has a ton of experience in WoW, and classic wow private servers. I have 21 people in the guild so far, and another skilled warlock would really round us out.

Loot will be done as transparent loot council with a big spreadsheet sort of showing you what you will probably get when depending on drops, but ultimately loot council will decide. It will be me and my co-guildleader with a dps officer, a healing officer, and then a random rotating raider ranked player as the deciding vote.

We will be doing Pvp events and general greifing in our offtime, because what is all that gear for if not to make the alliance unreasonably mad?

If you are interested, please message me on discord!
losefast #6123

look into us
we have anime lol


I’m the GM of Vision and we’re currently looking for both raiders and casuals. We plan to raid Tu/We 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm EST. I’ve include our guild recruitment post below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Discord link (remove the space) - https://

Btag - Wes#12170, CLOUDED#1644, Hypnotiq#11432

Discord - Wes#6205, Aeson#8055, Hypn0tical#6969

Hey, Deaths. I sent you a friend request on BNet.

Here’s a link to my guild’s spiel: Link

Our raid times look like they are in-line with what you’re looking for, and we’d be fine with you playing as any of the classes you’ve listed. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested. Like I said, I sent you a request on BNet, and my discord info is posted in the recruitment thread I linked (that’s my preferred method as I’ll respond in a more timely manner). Anyway, hope to hear back from you!

Hey Xynergyz! We’re a newly formed Alliance guild on Whitemane seeking to build out our roster with mature, PvE focused players looking to clear content while also achieving balance with outside commitments. Below is some general information about the guild. Check out our discord or message me directly with any questions!

<Dad Club> NA - Alliance - PvP - Whitemane Server - Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 PST - Loot Council


Hey, our guild is currently in high needs of shaman and mage for our main raid team. Based on your schedule, i think our raid times would be a good fit for you! Here is our guild forum where you can find our discord and read more about what the guild is about! Would love to chat with you. Happy hunting!