Shaman LF semi hardcore NA guild

Been playing a shaman since '08 but started playing just as sunwell dropped so i never got to experience classic as a lot of you did. Looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild that’s looking to top off their roster, with some PvP thrown in too would be nice, but mostly looking to clear PvE content. Looking to probably play resto then maybe transition to ele as later phases come but, willing to remain resto if needed.

Btag: Omni#1890

Discord- Bangbang67#6836 Hey if your still looking for a guild let me know :slight_smile:

Hello Omnisham,

I’m running a Classic WoW guild on horde pvp based in US EST time. We plan to raid from 8pm to midnight (Hard stop) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Abit about us, I’m 28, in marketing, and most of our core needs to be up for work the next day. The guild name is going to be Dead Weight, where the only real rule is try your best to not be carried. I intend to run it as a casual-one shot raids guild. So far everyone in the guild that I’ve recruited has a ton of experience in WoW, and classic wow private servers. I have 21 people in the guild so far, and another skilled Shammy would really round us out.

Loot will be done as transparent loot council with a big spreadsheet sort of showing you what you will probably get when depending on drops, but ultimately loot council will decide. It will be me and my co-guildleader with a dps officer, a healing officer, and then a random rotating raider ranked player as the deciding vote.

We will be doing Pvp events and general greifing in our offtime, because what is all that gear for if not to make the alliance unreasonably mad?

If you are interested, please message me on discord!
losefast #6123

Hey, based on the information you have posted, I believe that Pals for Life would be a great fit for you. We are in need of a few more shamans. Here is our guild forum or you can go to our discord and find all the information you need about the guild! Happy hunting

Hey Omnisham, we would love to have you a part of Dunamas, a semi hardcore Horde PVE raiding guild. We are in need of healers. We raid 9pm to 12 am Tues and Friday night. Also optional day on Saturday 2pm to 4pm. Here is a link to our recruitment post, look forward to connecting with you. Find me on Discord if you are interested. Riptore#8314. [H] [US][PVE Pagle] Dunamas - Semi-Harcore Raiding Guild w/ PvP Flavor

Hey, Omni. I sent you a friend request (Pige0n#1387).

Here’s my guild’s recruitment spiel: Link

Like you, most of our raiders started raiding after vanilla so content will be fresh for most of us. We still have every intention of blasting through content, as we’ve plenty of high level experience on retail through the years. As for PvP we have a gladiator and multiple arena masters in the guild, and plan to do world PvP and BGs during off hours. Like I said, I added you on battle net, so feel free to message me there or on discord (my discord contact info is in the thread I linked) if you’re interested. Hope to hear back from you!

Here you go [H] Guild LFM's Where every Member Currently Taking Votes on Everything:

My friends and I have been waiting for WoW classic to re release since it was announced. We are super exited to sink a huge amount of hours into this game and clear all the content . We need players who put the team first. Working together from day 1 will help us become a fine oiled machine, working efficiently.

To make everyone feel apart of this from the beginning there will be open guild name suggestions and a vote in discord. I figured it would be better naming once we see all the personalities we have.

Guild Goals:

  • Clear all PvE content including Naxx
  • Help members gear up farming pre raid BiS
  • Establish a strong ecnomy with careful planning
  • Be accomplished PvPers, and create various team strategies
  • Hold world PvP multi guild events

Classes Needed: We currently need offtanks, healers , and dps.

Times: We would like to raid either on weekdays starting at 6pm or 7pm EST, or weekends in the after noon/evening.

Discord: add GrapeApe#1703
or join _ (remove underscore)

Give this a look! [H] Guild on Fairbanks Pvp Server LFMs

Hi there!

I’m an officer with Pantheon. We’re a Horde guild on Herod. We raid M/T/Th 8:30-11:30. We also have quite a few people looking to pvp, so you’d fit right in. I’d love to discuss Pantheon further with you. Below is our recruitment page. If you’re interested, you can reach out to me on Discord at Aydriann#0478.

Thanks for your time!

Woah i totally noticed that i copied/paste your link not mine lol sorry been a rough week lol [H] Guild on Fairbanks Pvp Server LFMs

Aloha! We plan to raid Sun/Mon 5-8pm and we would love to have you. Apply on discord or hit me up. btag Tamot#1184

Who are we?
Horde [AFK] - Myzrael

What can we offer you?
•PvE raiding
•Fun events
•PvP battleground groups
•Friendly and supportive environment

What do we need from you?
•Discord with a Mic
•Active on your main and attend events
•Take part in raiding

•Sun 17:00-20:00 HST (14:00-17:00 PST)
•Mon 17:00-20:00 HST (14:00-17:00 PST)
(With experienced players each raid should only take 3 hours to clear except Naxx)

Loot distribution
• Experienced & fair Loot Council that take into account: performance, attendance, guild engagement, and current gear progression.
*The Main Tank gets all upgrades and the first Thunderfury. You know why.
*Cores, Runes, etc will go to guild bank until the instance is cleared.

Who are we looking for?
• We welcome every player that is competitive and that understands the time investment required to be successful in the game.
• Players with previous Vanilla experience are preferred, but we’ll consider non experienced players who are highly motivated and willing to research, learn, and always strive to improve gameplay.
• Team players that want to be part of a long term project, we aren’t looking for tourists.

Apply Here!

Not going to be semi hardcore but here is another option