Resto Druid lf tbc raiding guild

Recently boosted resto druid looking to transfer and get situated in a competent guild for pve / pvp. I have played across almost all healing classes and healed since 2006 so i have a complete understanding of my role. Currently playing retail and have heroic nath on farm, also have logs available. Looking to end up on a pvp server preferably with a fairly high pop. I am free any day after 9 est except for friday for scheduled raids. Im competitive and i enjoy pushing my character to the best it can be. Contact me here or at

Cryllis Sigh is a newly-formed TBC guild with a core composed of former and current top 50 US raiders who have been playing together on retail for years. We are a progression-oriented group with the mindset that every raider is expected to show up prepared for each raid. This includes having a strong understanding of both your class/spec as well as the raid encounters themselves.

Loot will be handled via loot council, using the RCLootCouncil addon. The general philosophy is that loot will be distributed according to what helps the raid the most. Raid times are Sun/Mon 7-10PST.

We expect to progress through TBC raids quickly and efficiently, starting with the target of a week 1 Kara clear (depending on server stability most likely).

Recruitment Needs:
Ranged dps - Open
Melee dps - Open
Tanks - High
Healers - Open

We prefer that potential applicants have logs available (retail or classic is fine), but all exceptional players are encouraged to reach out via:
Discord: Volinor#9157
BNet: Volinor#1905

Hi, dub.

First off, here’s my guild’s spiel: Click

The tl;dr is we’re guild that caters to the casual player who wants a hardcore environment when raiding. Our goal is top 50 horde (we hovered around this level through all of vanilla classic). We’re generally older players, late 20’s/30’s. Our raids start at 9:30pm on Tues/Thurs, so we should work with your schedule. We’re on Earthfury, so a very balanced medium-high pop PvP server.

If you’re interested in chatting more, you can reach me on discord: Pige0n#0001

We are going Super Sweaty, Here is my Copy PASTE!

Horde Side- Herod

Raid days:

Tuesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Wednesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Sunday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST

About Us:

Our leadership is lead by a top TBC Veteran that has fully cleared all content and raided competitively in TBC for the last decade on private servers. We are looking for dedicated, hardcore players that share a competitive mindset in TBC looking to push content at the highest level.

Loot system:

We will utilize a fair, fully transparent loot council system based off of objective metrics such as attendance, raid-wide benefit, performance, and actively playing the game outside of raids. Loot during split raids will be funneled to mains to maximize gear for progression & speedruns.


Class Knowledge: You are expected to know the full intricacies of your classes.
Raiding Background: You are expected to have an extensive raiding background, we are not interested in first time raiders.
Communication: We use Discord and expect you to have a microphone, be vocal when required, and actively communicate on all formats provided.
Raid Attendance: All trials and above are expected to attend every raid with exceptions to emergencies.
Competition: All raid spots are competitive. High performance is expected to maintain a core raider spot, in addition to having all consumables and enchants before stepping into raids.
Min-max: Fully min-maxing your characters in all regards possible.  No slacking, alternative easier options, or subpar substitutes.

Currently Recruiting:
Balance Druid - Low
Feral Druid - High
Resto Druid - Medium
BM Hunter - High
Surv Hunter - High
Arcane Mage - Medium
Holy Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low
Ret Paladin - High
Holy Priest - Low
Shadow Priest - High
Rogue - Closed
Ele Shaman - High
Enha Shaman - Medium
Resto Shaman - High
Warlock - High
Arms Warrior - Low
Fury Warrior - Closed
Prot Warrior - Low

Please Contact Vanez for Discord Info and to Apply

Hey There,

dmg | Horde | Loot Council | Earthfury - PVP

dmg is currently seeking highly skilled players for our current TBC raiding roster. We’re a newly developed guild that carries a serious and competitive mindset when it comes to World of Warcraft. Consistency, preparation, communication and acting with integrity are some key characteristics of our guild and it’s something that we look for in our members. If you possess some of these qualities and you’d like to raid or PvP competitively in TBC, we encourage you to reach out and inquire about joining!

Current Openings :

  • We encourage all high performing players interested in applying to reach out regardless of class.
  • Specific Needs: Resto Shaman & Resto Druid.

Schedule :

  • Wednesday & Thursday @ 9pm EST (Server Time). We expect all individuals to be online 30min prior to raid time for invites and to have all consumables readily available. Being prepared ensures that we start on time and that we’re being as efficient as possible.

Loot System :

  • We use a Loot Council system for loot distribution. Loot lists are distributed to each member so we can take into consideration what they want as a priority. All loot decisions are made up of these loot lists, attendance, performance, current item equipped, biggest impact to the raid and the consistency of each player.


  • Various members in the guild have multiple Glad seasons under their belt and PvP a lot, as you would expect. This consists of world PvP and BG’s and soon to be Arena’s. If this interests you, you’re more than welcomed to join in on the fun.

Contact Info:

  • Please reach out to either Liljay/Jaydawg (Officer) or Dizney (GM) via Discord if you would like to learn more about the guild or have any questions. Socials welcome!
  • Discord tags: Jayboi#3600 & Dizney#9547