Warrior player looking for a guild/people to play with

Come check us out! :slight_smile:

Yooooo! we’ve got room for another warrior! here’s a link to our recruitment post so you can get a little more information about us.

My discord tag is: whiskeyfist187#6605
hit me up there with any questions.

yeah thats fine with me

Hello there, thought I’d extend a message in response to this looking for guild post. Ethos is currently recruiting healers and dps. If you have any questions regarding loot or expectations don’t hesitate to ask! Our raid days are Tues / Thurs 8-11 CST. We will announce our server name in the next few days when the lists get released.

Very straight forward application process if interested -

Discord: Saws#8386

Reddit: Sawsy587

DM with any questions / application form.

Hey , I’m from Royal Authorities and we’d very much be interested in having you join us.
We’re an NA Alliance guild (Semi-Hardcore PvE, Casual RP) on Grobbulus interested in recruiting you for raid. Our time zone ranges from PST to EST with our raid times being 8:30-11:30 PM EST on Tuesday/Thursday. Our loot distribution system is Loot Council and we’re fully aware of what kind of responsibility this comes with.
If you’d like to learn more, you’re more than welcome to join the discord. If you’re interested, you can submit an application in the form.
If you have any questions you can send a friend request to Sudnep#1165 on Discord, Battle Net, or even just ask them directly on the application.

Application: forms.gle/CwYaMovbDab2D1jj8
Discord: discord.gg/Fmx9VeG

We would love to have you, give us a look and see if you would fit in. Unlike most of the Guilds in here, our guild is up and running, so keep that in mind when selecting your guild. :slight_smile: We are all about friendship and having fun. Our officers and members are career oriented, so we have a lot of good people!

Hey Thiea, we might have just the home you’re looking for in SuperBestFriendsLeagueNA. We’re a guild looking to go hard on WoW, but can’t because of life so we’re relegated to semi-hardcore. A fair number of us didn’t raid back in classic but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort with us to learn I think you might be a good addition to our team!

If you’re interested, feel free to add me on discord Potatocat#6478 or join our discord ftpBQ3K and come see what’s up! We hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there! Versus is an established, tight-knit community and we focus on PvE. However, we have always PvP’d on the side and we plan to host premades in the future.

Hey, I noticed that you’re looking for a guild that has a friendly, jovial atmosphere and looks to progress. We’re more than willing to teach you anything that you’d need to know. We’d love to have you; your personality seems to be what we are looking for. Feel free to check out the post below to see if we’re a good fit for you!

Hi Thiea! Fifteen Years Later is mostly a group of grad students/ recent grads that are looking to have fun and make new friends! We are a chill group of people and are willing to help each other out. We are playing on a Horde PvP server (Stalagg or Herod) on Tuesdays/Fridays 9pm-12am EST. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! Discord: zelada#3619

Infernal is recruiting active players to have some fun with while leveling. Casual and hard core mix. Check us out!

Hi Thiea,

Obviously a lot of possible choices considering the excellent responses herewith. If you are still shopping around (now or later after launch), feel free to look us up - Circle of Vengeance !

Our gaming community is already playing together and having fun on many games. The majority are WoW vets jumping back into WoW after many year hiatus. Feel free to review us and reach out with any further questions.

Circle of Vengeance
[Circle of Vengeance | Pagle | 18+ | Casual Raiding | Multi-Gaming | Alliance] (CoV Info link)

Hello, there!
I’m glad everyone is excited about classic!
We can always use Warriors, so feel free to check us out. We are a brand new guild looking to build from the ground up.
Feel free to check us out!

That’s what I appreciates about you.

Hi Thiea,

We are a group of friends rolling on Faerlina [A], dlooking for more people to join our team. We have a lot of experience playing previously on private servers together, and are inviting new members to continue and recreate that vanilla experience in World of Warcraft Classic!

We understand the majority of the playerbase is much older and more mature in their personal lives, therefore we will be pushing into endgame content at a pace that reflects that on weekday evenings.

Discord: Nicorth#6211

< Fran Aska > “From Ashes” Alliance | PvP Server: Herod | Semi-Hardcore | CST |


:crossed_swords: Focus :crossed_swords:
To have fun! A semi-hardcore Classic WoW experience. Designed to fit a working-person’s schedule. Fran Aska will have something for everyone including consistent raiding, PvP, or just chilling. Leadership will strive to be transparent, fair, and effective at making raiding goals and group play events a reality.

:crossed_swords: Raids :crossed_swords:
Progress & supporting raids Sunday/Mondays with a 8PM CST Start, with Saturday being for raid quests and attunements. Loot council will give drops to characters to benefit long-term progress. An alt is encouraged to enable more raids, splits, and scheduling flexibility. Attendance requirements will be more relaxed when compared to hardcore guilds.

:crossed_swords: PvP :crossed_swords:
Groups for days

:crossed_swords: Leveling :crossed_swords:
We are making 5 man leveling groups to boost the leveling process. We will assign a group based on your availability to play so a group can be on the same schedule.

:crossed_swords: Discord/Contact :crossed_swords:
We are looking for various levels of players: officers, Raiders, PvP-er’s, and casual.

Message me on Discord: Meo#5613

Hello Thiea,

Symphony of Souls would love to have you! Contact me at Ghyst#1586

If you haven’t found a home yet we may be a good fit for you. We will be Horde on Mankrik and Alliance on Pagle

Grievance is a mature 18+ guild that plays with the motto of real life first. Most of us are older, have families, jobs, real life obligations that stop us from playing like we did 15 years ago.

We will be raiding when we are ready, we plan to enjoy the journey and when we are all ready get in and kill some bosses!

If this sounds like something you are looking for you can read more at grievancegaming dot com or add me on Discord Nionya#7814

discord or battle tag?