Looking for raiding guild in classic! (Horde)

Hey, I’m here looking for a guild I can join and run with in classic. I mythic raided in legion and some of BFA. I have played since way back in BC, but didn’t play in actual classic. I work from home so I’m always on and would like to join a guild who’ s going to grind and raid. I’m most likely going to have two toons, one will be a shammy who I’ll play as tank till lvl 40 then swap to healer or dps. My other toon will be a lock. If any guilds are looking for active raiders for classic I’m down to join and put the effort in to get us through the raids!

Whats up man, if our raid times work well with your schedule you’d be welcome to join our red team or blue team if you’re more casual.

Add me on discord: BnH247#9580

Hey man, we could definitely use a lock to round out our roster if you are willing to main that char. We are a former Top 50 US Guild from Vanilla-BC, looking forward to replaying the classic content. We have a solid core of players, and in our off time we pvp and do dungeons.

If you’re interested in joining a good group of people that will see all the content Vanilla has to offer, hit me up!


Hey, Pankshs.

Here’s a link my guild’s recruitment page: Link

We’d love it if you’d take a look, and get back to us if you’d be interested. We’re definitely in need of some shaman. Hope to hear back from you!


I’m the GM of Vision and we’re currently looking for both raiders and casuals. We plan to raid Tu/We 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm EST. I’ve include our guild recruitment post below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Discord link (remove the space) - https:// discord.gg/83T93pe

Btag - Wes#12170, CLOUDED#1644, Hypnotiq#11432

Discord - Wes#6205, Aeson#8055, Hypn0tical#6969

Give this a Glance [H][NA]Pvp Server GUILD LFM Raid Loot /Roll is Currently Highest Vote 25 Members Currently

                 [H] <Eternal> Thalnos

Guild Type: both raid and PvP oriented . Will have pre made battleground groups, and scheduled world PvP events.

Raid Times: We will be aiming to schedule raids starting between 6pm and 9pm EST, weekends. This will be dependent on guild members.

Event Times: Maybe on weekend afternoons, lets see what you guys think.

Classes Needed: All roles needed, we have a raid main-tank.

We are a motivated new guild, seeking players of all skill levels. Our goal is to create a fun, helpful community with strong ambitions. The core group of this guild have been gaming together for a few years now. Some of us played in 2005 and quit early WoTLK. All in all we are a very chill group, I’m sure we are the right fit .

Discord: Add GrapeApe#1703 or type this channel
_https://discord.gg/DXdPJd (remove underscore)


Hey man! I saw that you used to Mythic raid in retail. I’m an ex-mythic raider as is the GM. I feel like you’d fit in great here! If you don’t have a guild yet, shoot me a message on Discord if you desire.

My Discord: Astr0#1191