4-8 Vets looking for home PvP/PvE

You guys would fit right in!
There’s our ad, and you can also add me to discord RavenWebb#9612 to dicuss more.

Hey! Based on the information you have posted, I think Pals for Life would be a great fit for your group. The goals you have for classic aligned with our guilds goals. And we are looking for like minded members like yourself and party. I would love speak with you in a private conversation and ask you a few more questions. Feel free to read our forum for info or you can find everything about the guild in our discord.
I am the owner of the discord channel, so feel free send me DM and would love to talk with you more.
Guild discord - https:// discord.gg/FWjgGuV (take away space after //)
Guild Forum

Hello Wompdonkey,

I’m running a Classic WoW guild on horde pvp based in US EST time. We plan to raid from 8pm to midnight (Hard stop) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You guys didn’t preface what hours you were looking for, but as a culture fit I think we would work well together.

Abit about us, I’m 28, in marketing, and most of our core needs to be up for work the next day. The guild name is going to be Dead Weight, where the only real rule is try your best to not be carried. I intend to run it as a casual-one shot raids guild. So far everyone in the guild that I’ve recruited has a ton of experience in WoW, and classic wow private servers. I have 21 people in the guild so far, and another couple of vets would really round us out.

Loot will be done as transparent loot council with a big spreadsheet sort of showing you what you will probably get when depending on drops, but ultimately loot council will decide. It will be me and my co-guildleader with a dps officer, a healing officer, and then a random rotating raider ranked player as the deciding vote.

We will be doing Pvp events and general greifing in our offtime, because what is all that gear for if not to make the alliance unreasonably mad?

If you are interested, please message me on discord!
losefast #6123

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Hey Wompdonkey, We would love to have your part of our team at Dunamas. We are a PvE Horde Raiding guild on Pagle. Your preferences fit our team well. Here is our recruitment thread. We are also in high demand for leadership positions. See post below. Look forward to hearing from you. Find me on Discord if you like what you read. Thank you. [H] [US][PVE Pagle] Dunamas - Semi-Harcore Raiding Guild w/ PvP Flavor


Hi I just wanted to touch base with you. I’m the vice president of Military & Veteran Gamer. We are the largest Military and Veteran gaming community in the nation and we are also a nonprofit that sends care packages overseas. We have all branches of service and our motto is healing through gaming. We have vets all the way back to Vietnam that play with us and are just under 4000 members. We are brothers here and look out for each other. If you are looking for that please come have a chat with us some time Google http:// mvg.gg with out the space. Take care best of luck on your search!

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< Solace > A community oriented guild looking for like-minded individuals to fill our rosters. We are a semi-hardcore guild welcoming new players and veterans alike. We will be rolling on Herod (PvP EST) and raid times will be 9pm - 1am EST. We are looking to be a mature, helpful and inviting guild where everyone feels welcome. Check us out at solaceguild(dot)net.


I’m the GM of Vision and we’re currently looking for both raiders and casuals. We plan to raid Tu/We 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm EST. I’ve include our guild recruitment post below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Discord link (remove the space) - https:// discord.gg/83T93pe

Btag - Wes#12170, CLOUDED#1644, Hypnotiq#11432

Discord - Wes#6205, Aeson#8055, Hypn0tical#6969

Sounds like you would be a solid fit with us. We are an experienced group that raided Vanilla-Cata, mostly an “Older” group in our 30’s, who like to give each other crap while pushing raid and pvp content. We are a lot of RL friends, and more than anything we have a good time while playing. We were a former Top 50 US Guild in Vanilla and BC, so we know the content and know how to get raids done. If you’re interested in talking more and seeing if we are a good fit, hit me up!

BT DarkDevoid09#1749

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Hi Wompdonkey,

We are a semi-hardcore horde guild on “Mankrik (PVE)” server. Most of us are in our mid 30s and we will likely be raiding 2-3 a week. Myself and few other players have experience in getting US 1st kills but this is not our intent for this game.

I would really like to chat with you to see if our goals fall in line with yours.
My info is:
Battlenet - M1nk0b#1524
Discord - M1nk0b#8461


Good Afternoon Minkob

Myself and 3 other close friends will also be joining this server all with prior vanilla experience through Naxx

mage, priest, lock, warrior

i sent you a request from my battletag Archon to discuss further

Hey, Womp. What are you guys looking for in terms of raid times/days? I feel like my guild would be a good fit socially, though we might be a bit more vulgar and aggressive than you guys. Average age in the guild is probably 28 or so. We aim to be hardcore casuals (I raided in for 5 years!

Here’s a link to our recruitment post if you’re interested in reading more in deetail (my contact info is at the bottom of the post): Link

Hope to hear from you!

Hey Womp you definitely have a lot of options above and it can be a lot to take in with all the guild advertisements.

Simply I’m an old GM in Vanilla, our guild is all over the age of 30. We are PvE based but like you will be doing BGs on our off nights as well. We are just raiding 2 nights a week. Tuesday and Thursday

As an added bonus we are strongly looking for rogues right now but want to just get together crack some jokes not take anything serious and have a good time

If you want to chat further our discord server is HbDtbBc

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i got this round here ya go [H] Guild LFM's Where every Member Currently Taking Votes on Everything:

You’ve got some killer responses here. Infernal is recruiting for Casual leveling Raiding and PVP on the Thalnos server Horde side. Our age group is approximately 24 to 50. We’ve been around since 2004 playing games like Archage, Crowfall, and BDO. It really sounds like you and your guys would be a great fit so Heres our guild post. Check it out and add me if you’re interested.

My Discord is Achilles#4076
My Battletag is Achilles#13238

Read your info, seems like we’d be a perfect fit. Unfortunately we are Alliance.

If it is something ya’ll would consider, here is our info.

If you guys ever consider going Alliance hit us up!

Hey, everything you mentioned seems to fit. If your interested in chatting hop in my discord and we can chat! semi hardcore raiding focused horde guild.
Guild name: “The Unnamed” [H] Whitemane
Kaio Ken#6860

If you’re not married to the ideal of Horde you guys would probably fit right in with the crew we have currently. Why do you check us out and see if our times and ideals meet your needs

Holy poo what’s up womp? Who you playing with? Qillz, giz, rikkz? I think about you guys all the time, lol unfortunately I’m already set up on classic on ally side with some rl friends. But I miss dragon blades, may have only been there for wotlk but that was damn sure my first “real” raiding guild.

Wow lots of great options out there…its good to see the rise of the classic community.

What you described sounded a WHOLE lot like our group of folks, from knowing each other back in Vanilla to giving each other a hard time… its why we call ourselves greybeards… posting our link below.for more info.

If your description is accurate I guarantee you wont be disappointed if you pick us.