[HORDE] Raider LF Guild for TBC - Hunter / Feral

Good day,

So I have raided most of WoW Retail content. In TBC, I want to be able to share a sweaty, fun, and progressive experience with my guild. Socializing, syncing and getting to know my guild mates and complete hard content. I am looking forward to PvPing again this time around.

I put the work in needed to reach guild requirements, and do research to gather knowledge on how to perform with more ease. I have been a majority of Tank/Melee for most of my WoW experience with Warrior+Druid.
My experience varies from Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cata, MoP, and BFA, Most Heroic and being in the most competitive environment I can be in to consistently improve as a player and individual, I have raided in Hardcore environments before.

Raid Times: Evenings on PvP server.

Classes I plan on rolling: Hunter, Feral - Will depend on what server/guild I decide.

Thank you and please leave your Discord/Bnet info to link up!
I may be more serious than others, but I just want to have a great overall exp in TBC.

I am aiming for a guild that can clear progression in a decent manner/time and also as the ability to be respectful when giving constructive criticism for improvement.
I am somone that likes to keep a cool manner with a professional mindset and approach.

Thanks for your input and time, Zug zug

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Hi there, we’re filling out our roster on Fairbanks Horde PVP. Raiding 7-10 Pacific tues and thurs, that might be a bit late for you in central though. Feel free to check us out, here’s the post below. We’ve got a spot for feral and I believe hunter, too.

Horde - Fairbanks
Tues/Thurs 7-10 PST

Openings: Priority: Spriest, Boomkin, and all Shaman and Paladin.

We’re a semi-hardcore guild forming to knock out some TBC content and enjoy ourselves. Core members of our guild are highly experienced players, and while we expect our raiders to min/max enough to compete and perform to a high standard, our goal is to have a blast. We’re filling out our roster and while we are prioritizing the above listed classes, we’re open to all exceptional applicants.

Come check us out, discord.gg/PUhYSmSk or message Unconvinced in game

See you through the portal!

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is recruiting a few more degenerates for our raid team.

Raid time: Tue/Wed 8:00-11:00pm EST

Loot: Loot council with priority sheet. We will be using thatsmybis. com to help us determine how to distribute loot. Some items will be rolled off to priority classes (tier tokens/less desired items) and some items will be LC (big ticket items such as Dragonspine Trophy, BIS weapons etc.)

We are recruiting a few more players to round out a raid team
1 Mage
1 Survival Hunter
1 Boomkin
1 Resto Druid
1 Holy Pally
1 Warlock
high skill players of all class/spec will be considered

Guild statement
We are formed from a core group of players from classic who just never found the guild that fit us 100% correctly. What we want is to clear content fast and efficiently with a good raid comp full of people who can play their classes at an above average level, come prepared to every raid with the proper consumables, have their gear enchanted, and socketed.

Guild objective
To build a small tight knit community of players (25-30) who are active and wanting to participate in the guild. Weather that be farming mats, running heroics, PvP etc…

Raid requirements
Must bring all consumes for you class/spec
Must have gear properly enchanted
Must have gear properly socketed
Must have good attendance and performance

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you contact one of the following on discord or in game.

Piddlen#1083 (IGN Piddlen)
Glen#8939 (IGN Chillaxinman)

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bump in da trunk

bump If you decide to go PVE server look me up…

H|Mankrik-US|PvE| |Raid Times T/W/Th 8p – 12a ST |

About Us

Ashes is a TBC Horde guild on Mankrik. Our raid team is composed of guildies that have raided on and off together since TBC and beyond. A majority of our raiders are returning Vanilla/ BC raiders with some with current end game M content. We are looking to bolster our roster with players who are interested in progressing TBCcontent. While we maintain a laid-back, non-elitist environment, we are in no means casual – our goal every tier is to push, Outside of raid, we have an active player base looking to farm gear/io, PVPetc. We also play games outside of WoW and have an active Discord.

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 8 PM – 12 AM EST

Wednesday: 8 PM – 12 AM EST

Thursday: 8 PM – 12 AM EST


Extensive knowledge of your class

Non-toxic/elitist attitude

Consistent attendance (90%+)

Ability to communicate (have a working mic)

Bring dps/health pots (including flasks, food buffs, and runes)

Desire to be competitive

Recruitment Needs:

Do not hesitate to apply even if we’re not looking for your class. We are always looking for talented players in all roles/classes.


DPS Shaman

S. Priest


BM/MM Hunters



Contact Us:

BNet: alikiit#1499

In Game: Kaliena, Ashee, really anyone can direct you to an officer.

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Hey Tormynd,

Please see my spam below. Our expectations seem to be aligned with what you are looking for in a guild. Please add me if you would like to talk further. Thanks

dmg | Horde | Loot Council | Earthfury - PVP

dmg is currently seeking highly skilled players for our current TBC raiding roster. We’re a newly developed guild that carries a serious and competitive mindset when it comes to World of Warcraft. Consistency, preparation, communication and acting with integrity are some key characteristics of our guild and it’s something that we look for in our members. If you possess some of these qualities and you’d like to raid or PvP competitively in TBC, we encourage you to reach out and inquire about joining!

Current Openings :

  • We encourage all high performing players interested in applying to reach out regardless of class.
  • Specific Needs: Survival Hunter.

Schedule :

  • Wednesday & Thursday @ 9pm EST (Server Time). We expect all individuals to be online 30min prior to raid time for invites and to have all consumables readily available. Being prepared ensures that we start on time and that we’re being as efficient as possible.

Loot System :

  • We use a Loot Council system for loot distribution. Loot lists are distributed to each member so we can take into consideration what they want as a priority. All loot decisions are made up of these loot lists, attendance, performance, current item equipped, biggest impact to the raid and the consistency of each player.


  • Various members in the guild have multiple Glad seasons under their belt and PvP a lot, as you would expect. This consists of world PvP and BG’s and soon to be Arena’s. If this interests you, you’re more than welcomed to join in on the fun.

Contact Info:

  • Please reach out to either Liljay/Jaydawg (Officer) or Dizney (GM) via Discord if you would like to learn more about the guild or have any questions. Socials welcome!
  • Discord tags: Jayboi#3600 & Dizney#9547
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Bumper Jumper

Check us out!

Unknown Redemption is a motivated, experienced, progression oriented 25-man guild founded by highly seasoned veterans spanning from top 50 world progression and R1 PVP ranks across all retail expansions. We’ve recently split off to begin constructing a 10 man / 25-man progression guild that molds together high-level raid efficiency, fun and competitive progression without the high pressure environment commonly felt in a progression guild.

What can you expect from us?

  • A fair trial period of 2-3 weeks that involves in-depth analysis of your trial with frequent feedback. During this time, you will be eligible for gear barring unique circumstances.
  • An attempt to further your knowledge of your class, if need be.
  • Laid back stress-free environment that fosters friendships outside of raid times.
  • A raid leader that is knowledgeable, fair, and down to earth during raids. We like to have fun and hope you do as well.
  • No demeaning or being yelled at during raids, but rather constructive criticism and ways to help.

What we expect from you?

  • Knowledge of your class past the surface deep information. Using generic “TBC Icy-Veins guide” information is good, but there are many more elements of theory craft that we encourage and expect you to be a part of.
  • Attendance of 95%+ during trial period.
  • Willingness to be sat if necessary for raid comp, primarily during progression.
  • The ability to have fun and joke around, we want an easy-going raid and guild environment.

Raid Times (based on ST)

  • Thursday: 7pm – 930pm
  • Sundays (Primary Raid Day): 5pm-9pm
  • Monday (Clean-up): 7pm -10pm

We are immediately recruiting to begin 10 mans on TBC launch with the goal to have 2+ Karazhan teams and a 25-man raid. We possess relationships across most guilds and players on the server and will utilize such until we are fully operational, with priority stemming to our UR raids.


UR has implemented a loot council that is comprised of officers from healing, tanking, melee dps, and rdps background to provide as many different perspectives for highly contested loot. However, the primary consideration of loot INITIALLY is progression. We just ask for some patience and tolerance for the loot council.

Interested in joining? Contact information:

  • GM: Nightdreamz: Lasher#11136
  • Raid Leader / Recruitment Officer: Cold#1193(edited)
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Hi, Tormynd.

Here’s my guild’s recruitment spiel: Link

TL;DR Depending on your availability we might be what you’re looking for. While we’re not full-on hardcore, we were ~top 50 US horde through the majority of classic, and we have need for a hunter currently.

You can reach me on discord, Pige0n#0001 if you’re interested in chatting further.

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Hey There, We are going Super Sweaty (Racing Server First T4, Aiming for HIGH Worlds Rankings in T5/T6), Here is my Copy PASTE! Hopefully we are what you’re looking for!

Horde Side- Herod

Raid days:

Tuesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Wednesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Sunday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST

About Us:

Our leadership is lead by a top TBC Veteran that has fully cleared all content and raided competitively in TBC for the last decade on private servers. We are looking for dedicated, hardcore players that share a competitive mindset in TBC looking to push content at the highest level.

Loot system:

We will utilize a fair, fully transparent loot council system based off of objective metrics such as attendance, raid-wide benefit, performance, and actively playing the game outside of raids. Loot during split raids will be funneled to mains to maximize gear for progression & speedruns.


Class Knowledge: You are expected to know the full intricacies of your classes.
Raiding Background: You are expected to have an extensive raiding background, we are not interested in first time raiders.
Communication: We use Discord and expect you to have a microphone, be vocal when required, and actively communicate on all formats provided.
Raid Attendance: All trials and above are expected to attend every raid with exceptions to emergencies.
Competition: All raid spots are competitive. High performance is expected to maintain a core raider spot, in addition to having all consumables and enchants before stepping into raids.
Min-max: Fully min-maxing your characters in all regards possible.  No slacking, alternative easier options, or subpar substitutes.

Currently Recruiting:
Balance Druid - Low
Feral Druid - High
Resto Druid - Medium
BM Hunter - High
Surv Hunter - High
Arcane Mage - Medium
Holy Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low
Ret Paladin - High
Holy Priest - Low
Shadow Priest - High
Rogue - Closed
Ele Shaman - High
Enha Shaman - Medium
Resto Shaman - High
Warlock - High
Arms Warrior - Low
Fury Warrior - Closed
Prot Warrior - Low

Please Contact Vanez for Discord Info and to Apply