Prior US top 10 raider - LF H Pally Spot

Looking to play Holy or Ret horde side - prefer 2 day raiding schedule, ideally weekend but weekdays can work just fine.

Drop some info

Hey Lich,

We’re looking for 1HPally to fill our last remaining core spot.

- Ashkandi
Raid Times (25s)
Friday - 9PM EST-12
Sunday - 7PM EST-10PM
Loot Council - Bad RNG uses a transparent loot council. All core members will have access to loot prio decisions 2 weeks in advance and have the ability to voice feedback.

Feel free to contact me with any questions - Sad Zuko#9856

Ram Ranch is recruiting a few more degenerates for our raid team.

Raid time: Tue/Wed (may switch to Tue/Thur) 8:00-11:00pm EST Loot: Loot council with priority sheet. We will be using thatsmybis .com to help us determine how to distribute loot. Some items will be rolled off to priority classes (tier tokens/less desired items) and some items will be LC (big ticket items such as Dragonspine Trophy, BIS weapons etc.)

We are recruiting a few more players to round out a raid team 1 Mage 1
Survival Hunter 1
Boomkin 1
Resto Druid 1
Holy Pally 1
Warlock 1
high skill players of all class/spec will be considered

Guild statement We are formed from a core group of players from classic who just never found the guild that fit us 100% correctly. What we want is to clear content fast and efficiently with a good raid comp full of people who can play their classes at an above average level, come prepared to every raid with the proper consumables, have their gear enchanted, and socketed.

Guild objective To build a small tight knit community of players (25-30) who are active and wanting to participate in the guild. Weather that be farming mats, running heroics, PvP etc…

Raid requirements Must bring all consumes for you class/spec Must have gear properly enchanted Must have gear properly socketed Must have good attendance and performance If any of this sounds like a good fit for you contact one of the following on discord

Hi, Lich. Here’s my guild’s recruitment spiel.

The tl;dr is we’re a casual guild with a hardcore mindset. We were within or around top 50 US horde through the majority of vanilla classic. Guild went on hiatus after killing KT and now we’re back and looking to fill out the last few spots on our roster. Our goal for TBC is more of the same, top 50 in speed rankings in each tier, because I’m sure that’ll be the measuring stick for guilds in TBCC.

I’d love to hear back from you. You can reach me on discord, Pige0n#0001

Hey there, we are a 3 Day, But take a Look

We are going Super Sweaty (Racing Server First T4, Aiming for HIGH Worlds Rankings in T5/T6), Here is my Copy PASTE!

Horde Side- Herod

Raid days:

Tuesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Wednesday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST
Sunday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM  EST

About Us:

Our leadership is lead by a top TBC Veteran that has fully cleared all content and raided competitively in TBC for the last decade on private servers. We are looking for dedicated, hardcore players that share a competitive mindset in TBC looking to push content at the highest level.

Loot system:

We will utilize a fair, fully transparent loot council system based off of objective metrics such as attendance, raid-wide benefit, performance, and actively playing the game outside of raids. Loot during split raids will be funneled to mains to maximize gear for progression & speedruns.


Class Knowledge: You are expected to know the full intricacies of your classes.
Raiding Background: You are expected to have an extensive raiding background, we are not interested in first time raiders.
Communication: We use Discord and expect you to have a microphone, be vocal when required, and actively communicate on all formats provided.
Raid Attendance: All trials and above are expected to attend every raid with exceptions to emergencies.
Competition: All raid spots are competitive. High performance is expected to maintain a core raider spot, in addition to having all consumables and enchants before stepping into raids.
Min-max: Fully min-maxing your characters in all regards possible.  No slacking, alternative easier options, or subpar substitutes.

Currently Recruiting:
Balance Druid - Low
Feral Druid - High
Resto Druid - Medium
BM Hunter - High
Surv Hunter - High
Arcane Mage - Medium
Holy Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low
Ret Paladin - High
Holy Priest - Low
Shadow Priest - High
Rogue - Closed
Ele Shaman - High
Enha Shaman - Medium
Resto Shaman - High
Warlock - High
Arms Warrior - Low
Fury Warrior - Closed
Prot Warrior - Low

Please Contact Vanez for Discord Info and to Apply