Holy Priest LF HC HORDE PvE Guild - NA EST

I’ll be rolling an Undead Holy Priest and taking Alchemy/Herbalism. I intend to get my guild kitted out with pots and flasks as they become available.

It should be noted that this will be my first time playing Horde after playing only Alliance since late 2005. I started then, barely getting into raids as a Paladin and thus barely finishing even MC.

A little of my history;

Fast forward to TBC - played for a while, again, was never able to find a concurrently steady raiding guild. Got into high school and dropped WoW mid-TBC.

Came back to mid-WotLK. Played for a few months and quit again.

Came back for Cata launch, played for a few months, quit again.

Skipped Mists. Played from mid/late WoD.

Skipped Legion.

Played through BFA, didn’t raid.

In short, I’m up to the task of preforming to the best of my ability. I love the game but had a rough falling out over the past decade. Willing to go on another adventure and to do so with a new perspective alongside the glorious Horde.

Additionally, if you’re a Horde guild that intends for PvE content to be its focus, but will be playing on a PvP realm, THIS IS WHAT I"M LOOKING FOR THE MOST.

If you’re doing PvE on a PvE realm, I’d still appreciate the options. NOTHING is off the table.

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Here is an option [H] Fairbanks Recruiting|Raids 6 p.m(pst)-|W-Pvp|BG's

It looks like I’m weeks late to the party, so no idea if you’re still looking for a guild or not. We’re in need of healing priests, so here’s a link to our recruitment garbage. Feel free to hit me up on the off chance you’re still looking for a guild and you’re interested.