Looking for mature social weeknight raiding guild

I am looking for a social raiding guild that has weeknight raids 2 or 3 nights a week between 7 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time and generally plays during those hours during the week (dungeon runs, rep, attunement runs, dailies, etc). I am not really into PvP, but it can be fun with the right group of people so I won’t rule it out. I am also hoping to find some nice people who treat each other with respect ( moderate joking ok, but no drama ) that are not hardcore (at least anymore), but still have the discipline to show up prepared and on-time for raid nights.

Ideally, I want to re-roll a Prot pally on the Horde side for a potential off-tank raiding role.

I also have a completely ungeared level 60 Tauren Druid (Resto) on Mankrik. (I raided about 4 different expansions either tanking or healing on a druid, but didn’t raid at all after making level 60 in classic).

Lastly, I could be convinced to play Ally, but for sure not a melee dps class. I suffered enough in BC the first time around in that role.

What I have to offer is a friendly and mature guy with experience raiding in BC through tier-6 content the first time around. I raided in BC as a Rogue to about half way through Black Temple before my BC guild collapsed. I also offer a commitment to be on time, with a working microphone, updated mods, repaired, enchanted, gemmed, with appropriate consumables on-hand, appropriately specced/talented, and ready to raid. Lastly, if I re-roll to join your guild, I will put in effort to get as close to 60 as my schedule allows before the launch.

Hit me up if I sound like I might be a good fit for your guild. I am looking forward to re-experiencing TBC and raiding with new friends!


Bump for luck. Unfortunately . We don’t have room for a 2nd pally tank. But if you went warrior hit us up on Mankrik. :slight_smile:

Hey Retch!! :slight_smile: If you are still looking for a home we would be glad to have you! Grievance is an 18+ mature guild that runs in a laid back atmosphere but still gets the job done! We enjoy hanging out on Discord, have an active guild chat, organize 5 mans, and attunement groups…then of course raid.

We went 12/15 in Naxx before we decided to take a break and lost some people who went on for their KT kill, understandable, so we are rebuilding.

We ran 2 raid teams in Classic and figure we will be running a few in TBC so we would love to have you. Raid nights will be Tues/Thurs starting 8pm est to 11pm est.

Add me on Discord if you want to chat some more about it nionya#7814

I’d like to add, we are on the Mankrik server

Ram Ranch is looking for a Resto Druid or Holy pally still if those 2 classes would interest you.

Guild statement
We are formed from a core group of players from classic who just never found the guild that fit us 100% correctly. What we want is to clear content fast and efficiently with a good raid comp full of people who can play their classes at an above average level, come prepared to every raid with the proper consumables, have their gear enchanted, and socketed.

Guild objective
To build a small tight knit community of players (25-30) who are active and wanting to participate in the guild. Weather that be farming mats, running heroics, PvP etc…

Raid requirements
Must bring all consumes for you class/spec
Must have gear properly enchanted
Must have gear properly socketed
Must have good attendance and performance

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you contact one of the following on discord or in game.

Piddlen#1083 (IGN Piddlen)
Glenn#8939 (IGN Chillaxinman)

Hi, Retch.

My team is still in search of a prot pally. I’m not sure what constitutes too hardcore by your standards, but here’s my guild’s spiel: click.

The tl;dr is that we’re casual (from a schedule sense), but hardcore guild (from a performance sense). We raid a tad bit later than what you’re looking for. Tues/Thurs 9p - 12a eastern (it’s possible we may push those times back a half-hour, but it’ll be either one or the other).

If you’d be interested in chatting, you can reach me on discord: Pige0n#0001