Group looking for another group of 10-20

A group of 15-20 current WoW Players/Gaming Friends/RL Friends is seeking another similar group of people to form a casual/raiding guild for Classic.

We are currently rolling Horde on Grobbulus, but would probably be open to Horde on Stalagg or Fairbanks. We are not interested in Thalnos or Faerlina.

Almost all of us have MMO experience, with several of us having 12+ years of WoW experience. I raided up into Naxx in Vanilla and while we will in no way be that hardcore this time around, we are looking to have some fun as “new” content releases.

We are late 20s-30s with jobs, families and other commitments, so we’re looking for people who share those responsibilities, but also want to get into endgame. Most of us will not be playing more than 2-3 hours a night, so we are looking on the more casual end of things. We are not looking to raid until most of us have hit 60, which will probably be end of September.

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Hey! GM of Deaths Guard A returning vanilla raiding guild. Just wanted to let you know we are going to be rolling horde on Fairbanks. We have currently 30 in our group lots of IRL friends sounds pretty familiar to yours! We are going to be Raid focused but obviously were gonna have tons of time for some world pvp and other things. We are more hardcore than not. our raid times will be sunday and monday 730-1130 pm cst. Anyways to keep it a little short come check us out! would love to chat with yall.

Come check us out! We would love to have you guys!

RavenWebb: RavenWebb#9612

Appreciate the responses so far, but we really are looking for just another smaller group. We want to make sure we aren’t just lost in a larger community. Thanks though!

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Let’s talk on Discord for a minutes if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

you bet. Just to make my post a little more clear, We wont have anymore than 50-60 people total. so i guess you could say were small =] but would love to chat more if your interested.

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Hi Dakken -

If you end up wanting to talk, toss me an request @ wizardanim#1916 - we have 20 currently and are looking to expand. Here is a link to my writeup.

A Group of us Decided to Go Horde When Classic Server Announcement Came abroad

Which Sever : To b Voted on (by all Those interested in Joining this guild)

Guild Name : Taking all Suggestions putting all into a Poll to have a Voted On by Everyone who wants to vote

Guild Info: Pve(Raiding) Pvp(World Pvp) “not the Camping type” BG’s
Currently have 25 members for Classic Server Prior to This Posting

Reputation : Helpful/Knowledgeable/Respect & Understand Real Life comes First

Contact info



I edited the original post, as while I was appreciating the replies, we were trending towards a little more serious of guilds them we are looking for

                               [H] <Eternal> Thalnos

Guild Type: both raid and PvP oriented . Will have pre made battleground groups, and scheduled world PvP events.

Raid Times: We will be aiming to schedule raids starting between 6pm and 9pm EST, weekends. This will be dependent on guild members.

Event Times: Maybe on weekend afternoons, lets see what you guys think.

Classes Needed: All roles needed, we have a raid main-tank.

We are a motivated new guild, seeking players of all skill levels. Our goal is to create a fun, helpful community with strong ambitions. The core group of this guild have been gaming together for a few years now. Some of us played in 2005 and quit early WoTLK. All in all we are a very chill group, I’m sure we are the right fit .

Discord: Add GrapeApe#1703 or type this channel
_ (remove underscore)

cheers , hopefully we see you!

Updated original post with more info

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Hey, Dakken.

Here’s a link to my guild’s spiel: Link

We might be what you’re looking.

tl;dr: Current raid roster is in the low 20’s, with a goal total of ~47 on the raid roster (raid roster being those committed to ~90% attendance).
Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Monday 9:30p - 12:30a EST (obviously we won’t be using all those nights in phase 1). Average age in the guild is probably 28 or so. We are specifically targeting players who are “cursed” with a real life, but still aim to clear content efficiently and effectively. We do not plan to begin raiding until October 8th (6 weeks to level cap).

My contact info is listed in our recruitment thread, along with the full details. I’d love it if you took a look. Hope to hear back from you!

Duuuuuuude!!! Check us out, yall would fit right in swimmingly!!!

We are a casual guild made up of WoW veterans with families and lives outside of WoW. Our discord is up and very active! Check us out!

[H][Whitemane] <TBA> Casual PvE/PvP guild LFM [CST]