[H] A52 12/12H, 5/12M Ny'alotha AOTC Guild LF DPS for SL

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm EST

Moted is an AOTC guild focused on clearing AOTC each tier, and then pushing as much mythic content as we can. This is a chill group of players who know how to focus up and pull their weight! Our guild is semi new, but the leaders have been playing since vanilla. Some with extensive CE experience (World top 100). We have a lot of fun during raid and encourage each other to do better each pull! We don’t tolerate toxicity or negativity. Wiping is frustrating, but positive and constructive feedback is how we progress on bosses and friendships!

Where we aren’t a Mythic+ focused guild, we do love running dungeons on off nights. We try and ensure all members get a 10 done weekly. This is an easy source of loot and it is expected that all main raiders complete at least a 10 each week. Our discord community dates back to Uldir and is extremely active! We need each other to get through the work day!

We provide cauldrons / feasts / dps potions / Augment and Vantus Runes / Gems / Enchants / Tomes for raid, as well as 24/7 guild repairs. However, we do still expect all raiders zone in with personals. This includes personal flasks/food/potions (pre-pot as well), gems/enchants, and the correct talents per fight. We expect each raider to watch videos/do research on boss fights preparing themselves.

What we need for SL:

Pally, Shaman, or Druid

Rogue, DH, Mage (low), Lock (low)

All exceptional players welcome to apply!

If we look like a good fit for what you’re looking for, let’s chat!

(Preferred) Discord: Aidy#7495, Bnet: Aidy#11206
(Preferred) Discord: Jaystir#1204, Bnet: Jaystir#1960

Any Priest/Shaman healers looking?

Looking for more! Especially a lock :smiley:

You posted in my “LFG” thread a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been looking through everything and deciding if I was willing to go Horde and thinking, and thinking some more…lol.

I was wondering if you’re still looking for a healer and if you let “casual, non-raiding” players in and if you’d be willing to let my Horde alt raid one night so I can just see if we mesh before spending the money.

Anyway, this is me to refresh your memory…

Let me know. :slight_smile:

Looking for more ranged!

Still in the market for RDPS(clothies) and a flex healer!

Yay nature hikes!

Fun run with fun guaranteed!

Any Paly’s out there? Need a Ret and Holy, or one to do both!

Still looking for more :smiley:

Lets get those mages! <3

Mage, Ret, hello?! :wink:

Need a rogue, a ret, and a mage!

mages! where are the mages!

Still need Range DPS(emphasis on mage/lock/ele shaman)
Could also use a rogue!

Starjun – Rogue 419 Sin/Outlaw

I couldn’t find you guys on Discord, and I also have logs ready

BTag – GrizzlyBear#1335

Discord – RazzyFresh#7076

Looking for some more!

Hit us up!

Still could take on a few. Ret paly, Warlock, Shadow, Rogue…

Raid tonight!