[h] 10/10m 2 day w/th 7:30-11pst recruiting

In summary:
If you are interested in joining please apply and add us after. We are currently extending our lockout until Denathrius is dead, due to that we are only considering qualified and geared applicants at this time.

Recruitment priorities
Tank Not currently recruiting main tank, dps player with OS/ability to 3rd tank is a plus in future.
Healing Currently looking for someone capable of healing SLG and dpsing sludge, denathrius
Dps Mage, boomkin, ele shaman with resto OS

About Us:
groupchat is a guild formed in Shadowlands with the intent to achieve CE each tier. We are a diverse group of people who are committed to creating a safe, fun and high end progression experience on a 2 day schedule. Our team has a history of high ranked competitive raiding, we killed shriekwing a month late and have still progressed at what we consider a fast pace. We are founded by members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities and intend to be as inclusive as possible. Our values are important in every decision we make as a guild, meaning, any hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. We know it’s possible to be a successful guild and raiding team without negativity towards our members. While everyone should feel comfortable here, we should all be able to provide and receive constructive criticism in a respectful way. We all have different pools of knowledge to pull from and it’s important for everyone to teach each other in order to grow and learn in the fastest way possible. Every member of our team should strive to be a better player and person each day.

We play many other parts of WoW together (arena, m+,rbgs) in our community as well as other games, if this is as important to you as it is to us please consider reaching out. We are also recruiting non-raider players to fill out groups for rbgs, m+ etc and are looking to grow our community.


Since Shadowlands is the introduction of groupchat into WoW, we have decided to create our goals on a tier basis. For Castle Nathria our goal is to achieve cutting edge, we had a late start but are still on track to achieve that. For all raid tiers that follow our goal is to improve as a team and progress at a growing pace achieving cutting edge faster each tier.


DISCORD: Twoho#0001 BTAG: Heaux#1896

DISCORD: Keeva#4720 BTAG: Keeva#1355

Where to Apply:


we going big

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We will be rescheduling a raid day the second week of mythic (Thursday the 26th, likely to Tuesday) to accommodate our raiders who celebrate American thanksgiving.

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hi friends

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Waist snatched dps maxxed

Tank, dps, and 1 heal spot open still :slight_smile:

always looking

hows it going

Countdown to shadowlands :eyes:

still need 0-1 tanks 1-2 healers and all competitive dps players :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump!

How about a BM Monk? Have mythic and some CE experience.

If interested please add SPanks#1861 so we can chat.




Hey, I’m interested in your guild; I’ll fill out the application sometime tomorrow and add one of you on discord. I usually play healer but pretty open to rerolling a new class or role for shadowlands!

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bring back my raiders

ranged dps pls message me

waiting for prepatch T_T

hello cuties i hope everyone is having a good day today

Looking for people with CE/mythic experience that want to raid 2 days a week :partying_face: