[A] 197 Boomy LF M/H prog raiding guild

looking for a raiding guild that i can progress with. Have some experience and am currently 10/10 N and 5/10 H. can also play resto druid. looking for tues thru friday raiding schedule

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Hey Lytning,

If you are looking to go into Shadowlands and slam some bosses to the ground, come talk to us in Fragment! Our current progression sits at 10/10N and 7/10H.

We are a collection of ppl who have been raiding in the top 20-100US for multiple tiers with all of the players coming from different spots (Pie Chart, Did it for Whitney, Prometheon, Aversion [EU]), We have known each other for years and finally decided to finally form a guild in the last couple weeks before Shadowlands going 5/12M on alts.

All raid spots are competitive and we are always recruiting players with the right skill sets & headspace.

Current recruitment needs:
Hunter: Medium
Mage: Medium
Paladin: Ret: Low, Tank:Low, Holy: Low
Warlock: Medium
Priest: Disc: High, Holy: Low, Shadow: Medium
Druid: Tank: Low, Boomkin: High, Resto: Medium, Feral: Low
DH: Tank: Low, Dps: High
DK: Tank: Medium, Dps: Low
Shaman: Resto: Low, Ele: Low, Enhance: Medium
Monk: Tank: Low, Dps: Low, MW: Medium
Rogue: Low
Warrior: Tank: Medium, Dps: High

Progression Raiding Schedule 7:30-12:00 EST
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday (Can be any combination of these days)

Farm Raiding Schedule 7:30 - 11:00 EST
Tuesday - Wednesday

We take a few days off after Progression.
Decisions in this guild are always made with the goal of achieving the highest possible rank in mind. We are currently planning to push hard in Shadowlands

-Raiding regarding the first mythic day will start early. It might extend late into the evening.

-If this sounds appealing to you please feel free to contact us.

Discord: Demonslayerl#4843
Bnet: Tommy#1664

Hello. i don’t know if you’re willing to server transfer/faction change but we are currently looking for a boomy in our guild. A little bit about us, VZN (Horde) on Tichondrius is a group of dedicated and skilled players looking to achieve efficient high-end mythic raiding. We are working to be CE every tier with only a 9 hour raid schedule. We require our raiders to have 2 characters raid-viable in Shadowlands. We are currently 10/10 N and 4/10 H. In addition to raiding we do run M+ and have several people who are pushing whenever they can.

Raid times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 730 pm to 1030 pm PST

If interested, please contact us on battlenet or discord

Battlenet: Skönk#1440 (alt code = alt+0246)
Discord username: Feig#7763
Battlenet: Noxx#11413
Discord Username: Noxx#1970

We hope to be hearing from you soon.

Is a newly found guild this week with leadership having background in hardcore raiding for CE. We raid T/W 8:30-11 EST on Zuljin. We are currently looking to recruit great players for roster. So we can push into mythic within a month.

What we offer-
Guild events weekly
Gold making opportunities
Easy 2 day raid schedule with the focus of killing bosses

Reach out to for a possible trial and more information.

Hey, Hit me up and we can chat about your experience and what you’re looking for

Guild - Reunion or Whatever
Realm: Whisperwind (US)
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times - 2 Nights (Tues/Wed) 7 - 10pm cst

10/10 Normal - Castle Nathria
2/10 Heroic - Castle Nathria

Recruitment Needs
Exceptional DPS

Formerly known as After Life (BC through Wrath) and Victory or Whatever (Cata through Mists)

With some original officers and raiders back to retail looking to enjoy shadowlands and raiding together again, we reformed our raid team! 2 nights a week, 6 hours, but something we have been able to do in the past at a high level. We strive for a laid back atmosphere, but you’ll get roasted and people will laugh. We’ll make fun of you for wiping the raid for years after it happens, trust me, this happens to all of us. That’s what friends do! Light hearted fun, but take constructive criticism well. We are all adults and just want to enjoy the game again.

We will be pushing Mythic progression on a light schedule, with the talent and abilities to do so. Come prepared to raid!

Of course, beyond the raiding aspect, we are rolling mythic keys and some members enjoy the PVP aspect as well. Casual players are always welcome to come and we will bring you on our normal/heroic farms and work you into mythic clears as well when the content has been placed on farm.

Bnet - Peejay#1460
Discord - Peejay#8656

Hi Lytning- my AOTC/CE focused raid team is in need of a good Boomy with OS. We are part of an established Alliance guild (Companions) on the Proudmoore server and have recently formed a smaller progression raiding team. Currently we are 1/10H and 4/10N, looking to have some laughs while we down some bosses and get loot. If this sounds interesting to you please see our post at: [A] Companions (Proudmoore) LFM Mythic Raiders

If Wednesday is out of the question we may not work for you but if it is feasible we would love to speak with you.

Seraphic is a Horde guild on the Realm Area 52, our focus is mythic progression and mythic +. The guild is being formed from a group of friends, several with multiple CE achievements and the rest with high level mythic progression. We’re wanting a chill yet serious environment where players can enjoy the time they have to play the game, but still progress at a fair or quicker pace through the high end PvE content. We raid 8pm to 11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Current Needs:

Tanks - Protection Paladin, Guardian Druid
Healers - Holy Paladin, Holy Priest
Melee DPS- Windwalker Monk, Warrior, Feral Druid
Ranged DPS - Boomkin Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock

If you believe you are exceptional at your class and can outperform one of our raiders apply today, we will give you the opportunity to show it.

Below is a list of our general goals and ambitions

  • Be fairly geared throughout the expansion.
  • Clear Heroic within first or second week of tier release.
  • Complete +15 M+ keys once a week minimum.
  • To build a community of players that are online around the clock.
  • Preferably a friendly environment.
  • By the end of Shadowlands, we want to be CE in more than one raid tier.

If interested, reply to this post with battletag or Discord information.

Feel free to add one of our officers on Discord for a faster response:

Froggy - Guild Master - Discord vmsfroggy#4819 - Bnet vmsfroggy#1886
Isaac - Raid Leader - Discord (Stink)#7494 - Bnet Stink#11325
Shankspec - Recruiter - Discord Shankspec#8004 - Bnet mynucka1788#1532

sent a request! im already on whisperwind

Hey Lytning,

My guild could use a boomkin and if you’re into M+ I also have a tank, healer and 1 dps that are looking to add a boomkin if possible. We only ran 1 day and were timing 9s and 10s. Will be back above 20s this season. As far as the raid - Last week, we went 5/10 pre-nerfs and then 6/10 pretty easily last night while being short a healer. We’re looking to add another dps to the roster and could use 1 for tonight. We’re raiding 7-10 Eastern to finish off the last few fights before we get into heroic. We’ll have AOTC easily on a 2-night schedule (Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10). We’re also on Stormrage but you wouldn’t have to transfer until mythic so plenty of time to see if we’re a mutual fit between now and sometime next month. I have some info below for you and hope to hear from you!

Battle Tag: Inavas#1748
Discord: Mojanglez#1147

S O L U T I O N is looking for players for our weeknight raid team. Our Tuesday and Wednesday team is made up of a strong, tight-knit core of current and returning players that have pushed raiding, PvP rating and dungeons together for over a decade. Guild leadership has Mythic and AOTC experience in BFA, as well as competitive raid experience across various high-end guilds through every patch dating back to launch in vanilla. We want to add players to our core group that are motivated to push Mythic+ dungeon keys and raids together in Shadowlands.

Our goal is to clear content and get AOTC together in a fun, supportive atmosphere while maintaining a competitive 2-day raid schedule in each patch moving forward into and through Shadowlands and beyond. Toxicity and drama will not be tolerated, even if performance is exceptional. All players are encouraged to reach out to ask questions or voice their opinions to officers in-game, through Battlenet or via Discord anytime.

People have responsibilities and other interests outside of WoW so we need to respect our 2 night schedule, and use our time both efficiently and effectively. We expect raiders to be online 15 minutes before raid with whatever they might need individually (the guild provides flasks, feasts and tomes) in order to pull and bring their best at 7 PM EST. Real life comes up at times for everyone, but that doesn’t excuse a lack of communication - so please post in our attendance channel or message an officer in advance if a raid cannot be attended.

For some of us, pushing Mythic+ dungeon keys are a big focus. We’re always recruiting players that have a focus on Mythic dungeons and getting the keymaster achievements. We encourage all players to form groups to push keys each week, and to make sure raiders are getting their weekly chest rewards.

Aside from current PvE content, we’re always glad to see people forming achievement runs, farming for transmog and putting together Arena and BG teams. While this isn’t the main focus, there is definitely room and interest in organized PvP.

What we’re looking for:

Players that will put forth their best effort - take time to look at guides for your class, raid encounters, your role in those encounters, dungeon strategies and more.

Players with strong raiding fundamentals, situational awareness and a team-oriented mindset. Mistakes and wipes happen. Progression and improvement happen from learning and adapting, so you must have a willingness to learn from mistakes, take constructive criticism and improve personal performance to contribute to progression. Officers, members and other resources are often available in game or our Discord server for helping with answering questions, giving tips or understanding how to use different types of logs.

Players that are looking for a long-term home and to help build a community. We all enjoy playing many classes and aspects of WoW, as well as games outside of WoW and hanging out in Discord.

Hi Lytning! We are looking to round off our roster. I have linked the recruitment page below, let me know if you have any questions.

<Cadre> Is a 1/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal Raid on 6ish hours a week at the moment. We raid Wednesday & Thursday from 7P-10P, and have aspirations to expand to Tuesday to assist with Mythic Progression in January.

Some of us have been playing together since Legion Cutting Edge, and many of us were found along the way in Classic. Nevertheless, she grew bored – and so Shadowlands is on deck for all of us to explore and conquer.

Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday, 7PM PST – 10PM PST (10PM EST – 1AM EST) We will add Tuesday during Christmas week, and after

<Cadre> is comprised of a group of adult gamers who have a variety of life experience under their belt, along with WoW experience to boot. Some of us have been in Stockholm since 2004, and others fell in love during Icecrown Citadel. Whatever your experience is, you are welcome so long as you are innately curious about the game and open to development. We will happily run Heroic with people who are Heroic-minded, but will have a higher expectation of people focused on our Mythic raid. We seek to create a moderately-sized community that is available to accomplish M+ and Arena goals alike.

Expectations of a Raider:

Be Raid Ready! (Consumables, Enchants, Caffeine, Tequila!)

Research the fights. (We will post guides, please have some familiarity before we dive in!)

Know your class. (What’s the Discord?!)

Be a Team Player. (Socialization varies across the Myers-Briggs, but here in Cadre, we’re one-for-all. The Vibe is important to us, and we’re looking for synergistic personalities.)

Be Inclusive. (We’ve got zero tolerance for racism, sexism, or bigoted topics in Cadre. We’re LGBT+ friendly, and we’re gonna get silly. Brownie points if you like to party. Not a recommended guild for people with strict morals or malevolence. Somewhere in-between. We go both ways.)

What are we recruiting?

Mythic needs:

Ranged DPS: 1x Hunter (BiS Spec), 1x Druid (Balance)

Melee DPS: 1x Death Knight (Unholy or BiS DPS)

Healer: None

Tank: None, or potentially 1 who can make all raid days and plays often (M+, etc).

Still interested?

Feel free to contact me!

Phirt#7236 – Discord
Phirt#1987 – Battle.Net


Discord is greatly preferred over Battle.Net.

How are we handling the Holidays?

We will be leveraging Tuesday as a raid day for the days that conflict with common Holidays.

We also will run raids on Tuesday with an optional raid crew to push our content a bit further - basically, we’re trying to do the most right now as tuning and gear works itself out on our way to Heroic AOTC.

We really need players who can make both days consistently, and are interested in all aspects of the game versus raid logging. We’re currently at about 17 heads like that…and could benefit from 4 more.

Hey Lytning! Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is coming back from the ashes of taking a break and looking to clear heroic and mythic. We are currently looking for more members to fill out our roster (Dps and Healers)

We are pushing mythics to prepare to prepare for heroic/mythic Nathria, If you are interested in a good group of players who have gotten CE in multiple expansions then this guild is for you!

we are located on Lightbringer, Alliance faction.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us!

bump! still looking for a fur-ever home!

Your pref. raid days do not match ours exactly but I will leave this here just incase you are flexible.

Welcome to Astraeus!

We have seasoned veterans who have played since late Vanilla and newbies who have been with us since BFA. Astraeus is governed to be a safe place for players of all kinds to call home. We love doing M+ and occasional guild battleground, but raiding is our passion. Our focus for Shadowlands, to achieve Cutting Edge. We believe this is possible with the right people, perseverance, and teamwork. 

We are currently looking for Mythic raid level trials now before we enter Mythic CN. Casual Players are welcome! Feast/Flask/Oils/Stones/Armor Kits supplied for raid. Currently we are recruiting:

Damage Dealers: Havoc Demon Hunter, Balance Druid, Unholy DK, Frost DK pref.
If you know your class and can deal damage, we’d be happy to let you try out with us.
All exceptional players welcome!

Raid Times-
Thursday:8:30 to 10:30 EST
Friday:8:30 to 10:30 EST
Saturday:8:30 to 10:30 EST

Mythic Plus:
We frequently run and push Mythic level dungeons, we are always looking for more skilled and friendly players whom like to push keys.

How to apply:
Please feel free to reply to one of our leaders on this thread if you have questions or comments; or you can reach them via their Battletag at Sreenaph#1727 (GM), Vanora#11692 (Raid Lead), or ThirdPhoenix#1305 (Officer).

BUMP, still looking, currently up to 197 ilvl

6/10H 10/10N looking for a strong boomy for our raid team. We are Horde on Thrall if you’re open swapping. We raid tues-thurs 8:45-11:45pm EST my disc is BubbleDot#2359

LIMITED is a former Kil’Jaeden top 100 US-Mythic raiding guild, comprised of returning high quality and top end players (Blood Legion, Midwinter, Smitus and Friends, Team Malice, Unholy Trinity). We are constantly recruiting exceptional players despite class needs. Our focus is Mythic progression and completion with a mature drama-free environment.

Currently looking for top performing players for Shadowlands. If you feel you are elite at your class, feel free to apply or seek out and officer.

Would love to chat with you!

add me? Rollexx#1650

Hey there, Lytning! I’ll post a little snippet of our guild, and if we’re not the choice for you, I hope you find a guild that suits you well :smiley:
<Øminous Latin Name> is a casual progression raid focused guild, that transferred from Horde to Ally on Sargeras, along with M+ and some PvP! Fun environment, and of course drama free. We’re a Discord active community and actively looking to build our core raiding team, as we are preparing for Shadowlands.
Schedule [all times are EST]
Raid: Wednesday/Friday 8pm-11pm
Mythic Plus: Everyday
Interested in joining us? Contact Lebron on Bnet: [RoscoeStache#1797] or Caleb [thesleeper#11618] to learn more.
Thank you!

Hi, we raid weds/thurs but if we sound like a good fit for you please reach out. [A] 5/10h 2 DAY 7hr W/TH 7:30-11PST RECRUITING DPS FOR CE

Hey Lytning, We’re looking to add a Balance drood to our raid. If the info below interests you then hope to talk more soon!

(A) < Proper Villains >[Proudmoore] 9/10 H w/ many past CE’s is recruiting!

We aim to clear progression raiding, while having fun all in 9 hours a week.

Current Recruiting Needs: All exceptional applicants considered!

  • Tanks: Exceptional applicants only!
  • Melee: Any that can off tank
  • Ranged: Boomkin, Mage, Spriest
  • Healers: Any that can DPS XD

Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8-11 PST

Optional Alt Raid on Fridays 8-11 PST

What We Expect From Applicants:

  • Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs).
  • Some prior raiding experience in Mythic.
  • Ability to attend at least 90% of raids.
  • A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression.
  • The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
  • Friendly, humble personality (team player).
  • Ability to communicate on Discord.


If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officers:

Stareana (Discord: Star#0833, BNet: Solidflash#1444)

Icewing (Discord: Icewing#1761, Bnet: NSalling#1212)

Blast (Discord:Blast#4486)

If you’re interested, please check out more info or apply here:proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment