[A] 184 Ret Paladin/182 Havoc DH LF CE Guild

As the title says. I’ve been a pretty consistent CE mythic raider up until about halfway through bfa where military obligations forced me to stop for awhile. I now have more free time as I’m looking for a job and am looking for a raid to fit my desired times. I’m an experienced Ret paladin who started playing DH last xpac. Ever since my obligations, I’ve been doing keystones to supplement my lack of raiding. I know a lot of guilds are starting up this expansion, but I’m looking for an established guild for a possible raid spot since those obligations are done.

Previous raiding experience:
Cataclysm: Heroic FL and DS.
MoP: Heroic and CE MSV, HoF, ToT, SoO.
WoD: (Military obligations began) CE HFC
Legion: CE Xavius, Helya, NH, Argus
BFA: CE G’huun, Hall of Fame BoD. Military obligations took over again, forcing me to stop raiding.

Late Night (EST) Willing to negotiate any other time.
Semi Hardcore
Willing to transfer

I’m hard pressed to stay alliance since I have toons heavily invested into it. I have very consistent attendance (at least 90-95%), and will always give a notification if I am going to be late or absent.

If Interested please contact:

Discord: Zephyr#3269
Btag: Vynsanity#1408

Hey there, we may be a good fit for you. Check us out below!

Eternal Order | Alliance | Sargeras|

RAID TIMES: Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST, more days to be announced


Our core raid team will be pushing progression at a steady pace, but without you having to kill your schedule. We have dependable, talented core players that will help us get through the content and put it on farm mode. We will be doing normal, heroic, and mythic tier raiding.


4 DPS, for our core raid team for Shadowlands

Hey! We are a semi-hardcore guild that completes the content in a laid back environment while being serious-minded about progression. Mythic+ keys is something we love to do and are always looking for more players to run them with. Our guild is extremely social and we like to communicate with each other outside of raid times.


Our guild has adults 20-35+ with lives outside of World of Warcraft. Real-life comes first. We believe you can enjoy raiding without the constant activity outside of raid.


⦁ Players who bring a positive attitude to our laid-back community. We like to have fun while still being focused on content completion.

⦁ Dedicated players who can commit to long-term raiding and are able to maintain high attendance as much as possible. We understand occasional absences might happen!

⦁ Players that arrive raid ready with a strong ability to play their class, understand boss mechanics, and a willingness to improve.

Gear Requirements:
As this is the end of BFA, we currently have no gear restrictions to join


Awesome! Contact Brobøt (me) to learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us, ask any questions you may have, and find out if we are the home for you!


** Brobøt **

BNET: Br4wn#1859

DISCORD: Brobot#8506

Still looking.

Our times are pretty late for you but if its not a problem I’d love to talk to you further. [A] 2 DAY 7hr W/TH 7:30-11PST LFM CE CN Need healers, dps

Still looking.