[A] Main Tank LF Mythic Progression Guild

Hello All,

I am currently looking for a guild that I can raid with in SL. My main goal/focus of this expansion is to find a guild that is looking to do AOTC each tier and also push into mythic and get as far as possible and maybe even CE. I have tanked since legion and that all I really enjoy doing. I play all the tanks if needed for prog but currently, I have DH maxed and I am working on a monk as my raid tank.

I am available to raid weeknights M-F from 8:30 Pm to -11:30PM EST Time either 2-3nights a week. I am also looking for an active guild that runs m+ on off nights and has a laid back environment. I am willing to transfer servers for the right guild but I am not willing to faction change due to most of my friends are alliance.

You can reach me on either discord or battlenet I have posted them below.

Bnet: Envy#1859
Discord: Envy#6155

Hey Envy, my guild is currently looking for another tank. Please reach out if you’re interested. [A] - <groupchat> 2 Day Weeknight 7hr W/TH 7:30-11PST LFM CE Shadowlands

Still looking for a home.