DPS LF new late night, 2 days, Raiding Home, AOTC to mythic

Unfortunately the time has come for me to look for a new home. I have had many wonderful years raiding with my current guild , but they are winding down for SL.

While my guiled went CE, I got to see 11/12 Mythic with them. It was fun times.

Im currently looking for a late night guild, around 8pm PST/10pm CST/ 11pm EST that raids 2 nights a week, and that atleast pushes AOTC and possibly into mythic.

Currently my main, is the Boomie here, but I mained a hunter from AQ until Crucible. I also have lock I was looking to play into SL

Hey Saica, we start raid at 7:30 pst, it may be too early but message me if you’re interested! [A] - <groupchat> 2 Day Weeknight 7hr W/TH 7:30-11PST LFM CE Shadowlands

Hey Saica

I will post my guild spam below but feel free to just add my if you would like more info!

We are a tight community of raiders looking to push AOTC as well as dip into mythic. We have been raiding together for years and have AOTC in every tier we have raided with CE in some as well. We have sort of taken a step back and changed the focus from pushing mythic 8 hours a week to AOTC with a 1 night schedule as well as optional progression.

We raid:

8-11est Tuesday Main progression

8-11est Thursday Optional

We are an adult guild 25+ that is active in game and discord nearly every night in the evening running M+ and other content. We don’t take things too seriously but lock it down to get stuff done when we need to.

Let me know if I can get you more information and hope you find the fit for you!

Feel free to add my Bnet - Addiction#1476

Hi! We have a guild on Medivh/Exodar. We are a small guild, but very active and have been playing together for a long time. Also, we are only 3 players away from having a raid team and we constantly run dungeons, level, etc… If you are looking to push AOTC we always achieve that with the 7ish core people we have and then some pugs sprinkled in the mix, so it would be awesome if we had a consistent group of people to raid with! Feel free to message me on discord @ Mezz#8783 or on bnet @ Forte#1527 if you would be interested in joining!