[h] 10/10m 2 day w/th 7:30-11pst recruiting

looking for good people that are also good players :smiley:

hello wow players im bumping this

hello we are still looking for people!!!

i hope everyone had a great week

No orcs here :relieved:

When will prepatch be announced

who’s ready for shadowlands

^ not :cold_face:

Have any players returned yet

And it’s delayed :clown_face:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hello friends i hope this prepatch is treating you all well

Happy Thursday say it back


finally i dont have to look at that ugly troll icon when i post hello friends!

Release date part 2 bump

we’re so close friends, this long night is almost over

Are you guys still recruiting any healers? I have an Alliance holy paladin and disc priest on sargeras. I’m looking for a new home. Both toons are max level and geared (the pally is more geared than the priest). I have mythic experience, 2.5k io and can link logs.

What classes are you guys mainly looking for?

Yes we do still have a healer spot open. Would love to chat with you!

All class trials are open on trial basis rn :slight_smile: