Delete Please

Delete PLease

needing the derps

added Hazardous#1662 on btag feel free to contact me on
swope#11181 BTAG
swope#6951 on discord

Needing the deeps

plz more derps, ty

more derps

depryz plx

requiring more derps

roster almost full

derps and heals and tanks and derps and heals and tanks

pally heals and deeps req

needing the healz

needin the healz

needing the monkz

I posted in your discord application but felt like it didn’t leave a lot of room for anything to be explained!

I’m interested in joining the bench / waiting for a spot in SL. Currently no longer progessing with my guild, it is a pretty casual raiding guild we got to 4/12M before having attendance issues and people not wanting to take progress seriously.

I currently main a resto druid but with pre-patch around the corner I haven’t been very active as of late. I am looking to re-roll to a MM hunter for SL(could be convinced to go Hpal). Going to be honest I have never played at the HoF/CE level but given the opportunity wont disappoint.

These are logs that I have on my Rdruid

HOF Pushes inc

Firendz plz

keep it up

requires 10 char

burm p10c har