[CS Lounge] Summer Party


Seeing as the old CS Lounge Thread has been locked for (1) hour now, Decided to make a new one.

Hope you are all having a great evening. Did my mount runs earlier. No new mounts sadly.

In other words - Summer is definitely here. Been really hot where I live lately. Above average temperatures for last few days.


Technically, it’s been 22 minutes, the last post was an hour ago. :slight_smile:

Carrying this over form the previous post:

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Fire season has already started. County next door went up in flames. Guess that means summer is here :frowning:

Going to be bad this year. Our winter was too wet, our spring was too wet, and then it jumped to summer temps. Loads of sagebrush, underbrush, and weeds having a field day, based on my record allergies. Ugh!

On the bright side, Dark Phoenix is out Friday! I don’t figure it’s a Logan, but I’ll take whatever they have as long as it’s FUN.

Its so, so cold here. I have the heater on, and my hands are still freezing.

I did manage to get a mount from last week’s runs, though. The dino from Horridon. Of course, I need to keep running the blasted place for the pets.


I decided to go outside for a walk earlier, after there’d been a light sprinkle, only to find that the skies decided to open up and turn the area I walked into a white-water rafting area on the concrete and grass!

My walk was cut off at the 1/3 point, as by that time I was 1/3 of the way soaked.

I hope pest control came today. It rained, though, so I dread the ants’ return… I’ve already killed two new queens looking to nest in the last 48 hours.

Son just ran out to go to the movies with his friend. They are going to go see Detective Pikachu.

Hope he has fun.

That beautiful Blizzard blue <3
Someday, I hope my posts will look like that.

I’d give you a high-five for winter buddies but I’m afraid we’d do both our hands damage haha.

And the heater in my car is giving me grief too… So much for an improvement lol.

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I’ll take winter back.

Got our first realy thunderstorm of the summer even some lightning apparently glad i pack groceries instead of pushing carts.

Nah. I’d rather this cold than summer heat.

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Then I’ll just steal my minionsa again.

Probably not the source, but a quick easy self check is to check your coolant. If you are not full, you may not have coolant running through your heater core. Which means it is not pulling the heat from the coolant through your vents.

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Finally found the recipe for the seafood stew I had in Seattle at Ivars when I did a guild meetup with my friends.


You ever try that soup thunder.

Not yet, it’s on the list though

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Oh, probably not because the whole centre console and climate control panel refuses to work every so often. I have owned the car less than a month. Something something angry Llammy.

You can keep adding layers to stay warm, but you can only take so many off before someone calls the authorities. :smile:

Was supposed topp be off at 11pm tonight, the hours later and I’m finally on my way home. I have the next two days off, and was planning to mow the yard tomorrow. Hopefully the rain from today’s storm soaks in and the weather holds out.


This year’s winter solstice festival down here is, I think, lining up to be the greatest yet (except for my disagreement with them over which night the solstice should be celebrated on…)