[CS Lounge] Is it dangerous to go alone into the Shadowlands?

puts out refreshments for the new lounge, and puts new pillows in the pillowfort, with clean fresh blankets

and here’s a friendly reminder from our resident centuar.

oh, and we keep a separate pot of coffee for the gnomes to swim in…cause some of us, are trying to cut back on our gno…i mean, caffeine intake. >.>


I’m not going alone. I have my trusty Corehound with me! :dog:
And that creepy cat Jennifur


Me going into the Shadowlands:

Huzzah! A successful quote!


i should hopefully have Hati and Skoll with me on Naldri…though that’s if i can manage to get Shadowlands. i’m thinking of just the base edition, as the mount and pet don’t really look that great to me…and as much as i’d like to get the toy, that’s like $100+ and i’ve already spent $90 on Mario 3D All Stars, not that long ago. x_x

…you’re gonna give them a “rawd trim”? takes a swig from his tankard is that what you kids call it these days? :grin:

Real Elves say “tankard”.

yeah, i had to copy and paste it in the previous thread to make it work. :grin: doesn’t have the fancy shmancy blue text, but eh…it works for me anyway. :laughing:

that’s what it is…a tankard. Dwarves call it that too, least i do anyway. .-.

I had my first putz encounter in a long time. ( can you use that word on the forums :thinking:) I was questing on my baby Vulpura in Hillsbrad. There’s a quest to kill an elite yeti. A high level guy waved me over and acted like he was going to help. We attacked and he vanished. My little fox is now a sandal on the yetis foot. Oh well not really a big deal but I felt like a fool. :flushed:



if i’m ever working on gathering mats or working on archaeology and i see someone struggling with a mob, i try to help them out. if it helps make their day better, then i’ve done my job.


I do that. Doesn’t matter which faction either.


I will help someone when I can if I can be sure there won’t be “splashback” from my spells. Wouldn’t exactly be helping them if I kill them accidentally in the process.


I meet more people in the game like you guys than that one bad apple. That’s why I’m not too bothered by it.


I found it really annoying when, as a tank, I get Alliance jerks dragging mobs into my AoE range, basically forcing me to pick up aggro on them (and eventually kill them) and they get credit for the kills.

Have a nice day.


I hate the tag and run people. They come back for the loot though.


Major anxiety attack at work today. Like tears steaming down my eyes for about 45 minutes bad. Followed by a deep bout of depression I am still currently attempting to deal with, but it looks like it has me deep right now.

And the one person, in this entire world, I should be able to rely on for an ear got mad at me for texting it while they were at work. I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I really don’t.

Not in a self harm kind of way. Just to make sure that is clear.


I would stop attacking when that happened to me. A tank can sit there and most likely heal through the damage. At least mine could.


Just realize Corel Painter is still around…I used to use it way back when.

Thoughts are with you Mast.

I know the feeling all too well.


Took a big nap today at noon, just woke up close to 4. Gonna have a reuben sandwich on a pumpernickel bagel.


think tomorrow i’ll go pick up some bananas and maybe some fresh bread…maybe some bacon as well…though i’ll probably get the “Ready Crisp” instead, so i can easily cook it up in seconds. .-.

i’m tempted to try the Elvis Samitch after seeing that picture now. :laughing: