[CS LOUNGE] Shadowstepping into the Shadowlands

The Shadowlands will soon be upon us. But are we ready to make the journey?

/ponders that thought for a while

Now onto the rules:


Faster than the Blues!

WOW! Checked my mail. Saw an email from Blizzard. Logged out and back in on my launcher. Beta is now installing!


My apologies if my post was out of place. Please delete it if it is.

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Who is?

Congrats on beta.

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Your post is fine, Kyzera, I was just fixing the quote because that seems to be the one thing that no one can manage so it is clickable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Puts out :popcorn:

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Oh, okay. Good to know. =)

So how should we include the Lounge rules in future new threads?

Edit: Have fun with your initial post.

Just let Vrak handle the details.

The centaur does a fine job.



Thanks. I had actually stopped checking my launcher every day when I logged in.

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You can quote the source directly if you want or you can click on the edit option and just copy the section, including the "[quote=“Vrakthris” code. Though that only really works if you have edit permission, in which it would need to be your post.

I don’t mind doing it though, and it’s a little fun to freak people out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, you did a good job this time. =)


Wow. Having Beta pull files from your installation and just add in the changes means that it installed really fast. It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow though. Almost 10:40pm here. I might want to try to sleep.

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Good plan. I do not recommend just taking a peek because you very well might blink and it is 4am. :smiley:


Bah I relaunch my launcher every day, no such luck. Grats on the Beta though, I am strawberry jelly at you for getting in though haha

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I just watched Superman: Red Son. Um… wow. That was a darn good movie. It’s animated in the style of Batman: The Animated Series. I really enjoyed the alternate story arc - Superman crash lands in the Soviet Union, and is the protector of “as the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.”

Watching all these superhero movies makes me wonder why I never got into comic books as a kid.

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The guy moved a tenant in yesterday and didn’t call to tell me that it was unavailable…


I used to be into Marvel, never got into anything DC, accept Lobo. I kinda stopped reading Marvel as it to me, started to get a bit preachy.

I love Independents though and my prized collection is the First 3 issues of Ninja High School, signed by Ben Dunn, and the micro H dojin he did, also signed. I also have a bunch of the Dirty Pair graphic novels from Robert Dejesus.


Beta Beta Beta (like the Fanta song).

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Watched the Calgary Flames play against the Dallas Stars last night. Thought Calgary was going good at first when they had a 3-0 lead in the first period.

However, Dallas then went ahead and scored 5 goals with one player of the team getting a hat trick in the process.

So Calgary is out of the playoffs now. Hoping the Vancouver Canucks win now on Friday to advance to the next round.

Ugh, sometimes it bugs me when someone disses RPers for enjoying what they do, then try to throw old school Pen and Paper D&D as an example to push their argument. I loved my 1st Ed Campaign, I started back in '86 and it ran 15 years. It certainly wasn’t about killing monsters, gaining XP and rolling dice.

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