[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

(Regnyl) #1

trying to think of a witty title, and…nothing’s coming to mind…eh, this will do for now…question mark?

/flails around the pillowfort

(Mastadôn) #2

Finally able to sit and relax a little. Raid in about an hour, but watching some TV on the network site right now.

The Rookie if you were wondering. Nathan Fillion is an awesome actor, and I kinda geeked out when I heard him in Destiny 2 lol


This one is a response for Kyz, since the thread closed while I wasn’t paying attention lol.

Could you just use regular pasta, and black food colouring? Or make your own, coloured pasta?


It automatically locks when I edit, Regnyl. I was simply posting the lounge rules, which should be in every initial post. :slight_smile:

(Regnyl) #6

oh, okay! wasn’t aware of that…was a bit worried there…then again, i’ve been a tad on edge lately. figured the best thing to do, is just take things one day at a time, relax with WoW and some eggnog…chill in the pillowfort with my friends here…and just take things easy.

(Kyzera) #7

I have thought about that, but I have seen it mentioned that food coloring has its own flavor and am worried how that would affect the taste of a dish. Though I will have to admit that I don’t have personal experience with using food coloring in cooking.


I think as long as you don’t use a lot, you’d be ok. I made black icing for one of Bug’s cakes, and you couldn’t taste anything but chocolate.

(Kyzera) #9

Thanks. If I am unable to get the black bean pasta easily, then I will look into using the black food coloring (or even multiple colors to give it extra spookiness, lol).

(Darthwraith) #10

Just spent the last couple of hours building a lego frozen jewlery chest with my niece totaly exhausted after working 7-330 but worth it.

(Aryalanthu) #11

If you add the food coloring in very small amounts when it starts to get close to the color you want, you can probably get away with it. My mom used to decorate cakes and this was what she would do to stay away from getting a taste to her buttercream and cake batters that needed to be very dark or vibrant.

(Kyzera) #12

Sigh, this not how I wanted to spend my night.

But my wifi connection just stopped keeping a steady signal and I keep having to use my phone data to connect.

Hoping that doing a reset will correct the issue.

(Regnyl) #13

hope things get resolved for you soon kyz. /hugs

i know the feeling all too well. my comp crashed multiple times over the past few weeks. methinks high congested areas in WoW are what caused the problems.

if i ever get a good enough PC, to run WoW (on Max Settings, cause i figure…may as well go all the way this time.) i’ll try Duskwood again, but for now…Sisters is a good place to call home.

(Thundertotem) #14

crud…having an anxiety attack. Need to calm down.


So sorry Thundertotem I know how that feels. Hopefully your skills kick in soon and help to lessen it.

(Kyzera) #16

Thanks. It seemed to reduce the latency issues a little bit, but still not as good as it was before. Now have to reinstall programs and readjust settings again.

AT&T came out today to work on the lines around our house & neighborhood. There were issues outside, but my laptop seems to be having additional issues. Esp. since hubby is able to play and download stuff without having huge spikes.

Ugh, those are never good to deal with. I hope you are able to regain control of what is triggering it and stop it soon.

(Thundertotem) #17

Feeling much better, lied down for a bit and calmed down. Got up at midnight and played some Classic WoW. Restarted my shaman, screwed the pooch on talents and don’t have the gold to respec, so I felt it would be easier to start over. he’s now level 16, and sitting on 4 gold.

I really like Sting’s song Desert Rose, it’s my calm down song.

(Regnyl) #18

glad to hear it. and yeah, i find it ironic how some characters i struggle to make enough money to buy bags, yet others not so much.

then again, i’ve got a Warlock with Tailoring and a Druid with Leatherworking, so once i get the time to work on them, i’ll try to craft moar bags for my other alts.

kinda wanna start a Hunter up, but then i remember the “Happiness” meter. i was quite happy (no pun intended…seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:) when it went away, yet i also found myself missing it somewhat…now that it’s in Classic, i find myself preferring to play a Hunter in Standard.

also, i’d tell you guys a joke about Alchemy, but i doubt i’d get a Reaction.

(Perl) #19


Lotsa great stuff we’re getting in 8.3, but clearly the best is:


(Teufelgott) #21

Forum ignore cannot come soon enough.