[CS Lounge] Put more characters, in the thing more characters goes in

think this is my third CS Lounge thread i’ve closed and had the honor of recreating anew…is this what they refer to as a “hat trick”?

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Congrats may the scwarts be with you yougurt.


"No, no no. Go past this. Past this part. eyes dart left and right in fact, never play this part ever again. sips his coffee


Bioware’s MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on Steam for the first time since forever. Not gonna lie, this is still a pretty good MMO, specially whenever I need a break from WOW.

Im kinda tempted to try neverwinter.

I just placed a dinner order, and it was a ridiculous amount of money. But I want to take care of my kiddo. He watches his brother while we are at work, so I wanted to get him some Japanese. I got a Bento box with an extra salad, cuz I bloody love the ginger dressing. He got some fried rice. And I got some teriyaki chicken for his brother and one for mom as well. Then I got her some chicken fried rice to go with it.

In other news, work tried to call me in tonight, asked if I could even possibly just do 5 or 6 hours. I had to tell them I had already been there for 8+, and was running on very little sleep and I was sorry to say no I could not go in. The joys of working different departments hah


We shouldn’t use too much of the fat. We need some of that to melt when we cook the Centaur Steaks. Fat and bone help with flavor when cooking.

I’m emotionally drained right now. It feels like everything is going wrong at once.


So sorry to hear that bud. Hope you resolve your living situation soon.

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In before Vrak


Quoted for Turtle

The home situation isn’t so bad. It’s the timing with current events and summer heat.

In the back of my mind. I knew that going on my vacation in March would trigger a huge change. The world as I can observe has not been the same and has gone downhill.
It’s one of those times where it’s hard to stay optimistic.

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I was already here, I fixed the quote in the first post.



Your name does not appear in it as an editor.

Vrak has his own minions that work invisibly how dare you question vrak may a angry horde of centaurs invade your dream with fez wearing monkey riding them lol.


The flys don’t scare anyone. Even the Gnomes.

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To steal a page outa the sword of truth series thats no fly that a blood fly beware the gar minion of vrak.

Well I am El stufferino. Every meal came with a salad with ginger dressing. I love ginger dressing. So I ordered an extra salad for me.

Whelp. I failed to take into account nobody else likes ginger dressing in my house. So j had all of theirs as well.

My big salad is now in the fridge haha

Nope. But I got stung by a bumblebee two nights ago. Still recovering from the minor panic attack I had after the sting.

I dunno why but rubbing mud on a besting helps.

And I am not trolling you to rub mud on yourself haha.

I would be far more creative if I were.


I can see it, but that’s good to know. :smiley: