[CS Lounge] Happy holidays

As since this topic will last ill past christmas this is the perfect title.


Hey, Darthwraith. I changed that to a quote so that it could be clicked if someone needed to see the original. :slight_smile:


Lounge Approved!


New Lounge, new jokes!

What do you get if you rearrange the letters of 'postmen' ?

‘angry postmen’


Boyo, you jumpin’ the gun on that timer! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rearranged letters

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A movie starring Kevin Tnecsor?

Much apreciated wasnt sure if i was gona be able to do this post but when I created it the old one said it closed 15 min ago so yay.

Hmn, strange. Still shows it open for eight more minutes on my screen, but no matter!

As much as its been raining this week, I’m glad it isn’t cold enough for snow just yet. Snow before Thanksgiving is still blasphemous.

Guess well leave it up to vrak to decide then.

I never want the closing of the old thread to be a competition. it is one of the reasons why I like randomizing the close time… not that this forum lends itself to be completely secret… I think this time around we can keep the one you made up.


Papa, are you playing the new pokemon?

Lasagna for dinner tonight.


We are doing loaded baked potatoes.

And our prime rib is ordered for Thursday.

Which works out perfect as on my light duty I have tk work on that day. So time and a half, some cooking Wednesday night, and a little on Thursday when I get home and we good to go.


Not yet. I will be.

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I bow before your kindness.

I found a few Eevee. Let me know if you want one. It’s a 0.1% spawn rate owo


Did u know if u have the pokeball atachment that still has mew that was never claimed for lets go pika and evee u can get mew for sw/sh.

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i dunno if i’ll get Sw/Sh or not. last pokemon game i really enjoyed, was Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire…haven’t played them in a while though, i should consider finishing what i started in Ruby.

i’d say Gen V really turned me off from the series in general, and VII never really appealed to me a lot. though i’ve heard Sw/Sh is really good.

Its enjoyable gym battles are the only hard part.