[CS Lounge] Hop Hop Hopping

Looks like I won the race. Thanks!!!


Hello Everyone!
*places coffee and cookies *


Hopalong Rufflebot-ong!

Everyone shows up after the old Lounge locks and the new one is made. I see how it is now.


Of course you would hop hop hop the title silly bunny gnome.

We did it. We filed today via Legal Zoom. They will get back to us in a couple of days and let us know the next steps.

I still have all my info packed away, JUST in case I need it, and will have it with me when we go to court, just in case I need it.

Filing as joint custody, no standard visitation schedule. In the paperwork it states the children live with her, but can come see me any time that they wish, and that I can come see them at any time that I wish. It also states that they spend the night at my place when I am off the next day, to show that I am actively involved in their lives.

As for mom is the funtime, and I am the Dr and shots guy, the kids don’t think that. Boogy loves coming over here, and Bubba almost a senior in High School. He knows.

Not much more I can do or say. She did tell me that since I am on her insurance until this is finalized, her work does have counseling I can sign up for. 3 free sessions to try to get a grip on my depression. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she is the cause of my depression. Don’t know if it was a cowardly thing not to say that, or just a not pick a fight when one doesn’t need to be had thing, honestly. But I will take advantage of it, a professional voice never hurts I suppose.

In other news, my Oven Roasted Red Potatoes are off the chart delicious, and this Corned Beef? Do I even need to comment? Full tummy and happy, watching the newest episode of Young Rock.

Arthritis in my hip is giving me fits today. Makes sense as the weather was primed for a tornado, warm and raining all day. Just put some cream on it, hoping it helps soon. If not, gonna be a long night ahead of interrupted sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone, and new Masked Singer in 30 woot.


All of them were hiding because they didn’t want to come up with a title. :smiley:


/points at self


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I just jumped at the chance!

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Not me. I was just busy. And then tried to post after it was locked.

You mean hopped?

And I was busy cooking. I will start a lounge one day. Without chasing it, but one day.

Hey Vrak if I started a new lounge would I get in trouble?

Asking for a friend of course. Cuz you know, reasons

Nothing to see here :wink: :innocent: :angel:

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Time to break it in


Your annual reminder. The diminutive of Patrick is NOT Patty, it’s Paddy. I am armed with MG’s whaleshark, and will wallop anyone who gets it wrong :rofl:


But, but, but the whaleshark was for one particular person.

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While one was still active? Not necessarily, but we only have one open at a time so I would remove the one that didn’t belong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but he’s a slacker and no longer posts.


Oh. The one that doesn’t belong? This imposter one.

Woot Vrak said I could do it

Ps. Not gonna test that theory one little bit.

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Sus. So sus.


My Minions eat Whalesharks and ask for dessert.


You should take them Scuba diving for those Whalesharks.


Yeah, we’ll use him to chum( p ) the water for sharks while we are at it.