Can't buy Lucio's legendary emote

same here, someone offered me 300 tokens to buy this beautiful emote, but now I can’t, while some may have bought it, I find it unfair

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Hey everyone, I wish to point out that if you made an OWL token purchase on the Blizzard online store, and you’re not able to use it, Blizzard Customer Service might be able to refund you the recent OWL token purchase (click here).

Any OWL tokens earned through watching OWL cannot be refunded. Any skins redeemed with OWL tokens cannot be refunded.

On a side note, the Lucio Dance Party emote (and all other All-Access pass items) can still be obtained if you purchase the Overwatch League All-Access Pass which is still available to buy on Twitch.

Patch is here, now you cant buy it anymore

Everyone should ask for a refund now

Edit: The Blizzard Game Master Yoween just said he started a Refund for me, and also said that it is an OWL Access Pass exclusive.

So i would say refund it

Have tried getting a refund through web tickets but it says i have made too much progress but still have the tokens

Exclusive small indie compagny btw.

Hey everyone,

We apologize for this inconvenience. This Legendary Lúcio emote was intended to be available only for players who had purchased the Overwatch League All Access Pass on Twitch. It will be available for purchase with Overwatch League tokens at a future date.

If you purchased tokens with the intent to unlock this Legendary Lúcio emote and would like those tokens refunded, please reach out to Blizzard Customer Support.

Thank you for your patience.


I bought 300 as well, can I get 20 lootboxes as a trade pls? Its annoying for us to not be able to refund them or exchange

^Don’t think a community manager is able to help you here, as said in the post contact customer support and ask there

This sounds awesome, but somebody needs to let Blizzard Support know. I’m getting the same canned responses on my tickets I’ve seen elsewhere that OWL tokens are nonrefundable so the customer is just stuck with tokens they don’t want and don’t have the money they do want

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“This Legendary Lúcio emote was intended to be available only for players who had purchased the Overwatch League All Access Pass 3 on Twitch.”

May I ask how exactly you now decided to make the Emote purchasable again?
I personally don’t like the conceal of in my opinion important information with your purchasable items.

Some people like me bought the All-Access-Pass only for the Lucio emote in the fear of not being able to get them later because it was touted as an “exclusive” Emote. Not being able to know, if it’s just a timed exclusive like it was with the Genji and Skins or a permanent is a lack of honesty.

Don’t understand me wrong, guys! I’m glad that you now have another chance to receive the Emote while not even paying the whole 30$!
But as a person which got “forced” (you know what I mean) to pay the whole 30$ only because I wasn’t informed enough from Blizzard’s side, I feel a bit bad.

Anyway, the Emote is great asf, love the Soundtrack which is played.


I’m really happy they are doing what’s right for people who were misled by the price listed on the emote. But I had seen people saying somewhere that league tokens can expire? Does anyone know if that is true? Because I bought tokens for the emote and am happy to wait for it to be available, but I’m worried my tokens will expire.

Only the 100 token drops that are won by watching Overwatch League Streams expire, and that will not happen until December. Also, I believe the expiration only applies if you fail to log into the Overwatch game client from the time of receiving that bonus drop.


Thanks for letting me know!

Why don’t you fix your game

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The problem here is that it shouldn’t be locked in the first place, I just spent $15 because I love lucio and it says “300 points”. Okay, no biggie, take my money but let us purchase what we want. I don’t understand the problem when 15 dollars is a reasonable price for “an emote!” and it’s money going to blizzards pockets. Give us a full refund, or unlock the emote to be purchased with the price on screen.


Was ripped from summer games

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Woke up this morning saw it 300 tokens no hesitation bought it wasted $20 with to work with disappointment :frowning:

Cool, so am I getting my money back for the pass?

This is absolutely despicable on Blizzard’s part. Either they intended on making the emote available the entire time and withheld that information from people, or they bowed to pressure from people who didn’t want to pay for the pass but still wanted the pass–exclusive emote, with zero thought to the people who shelled out the pass.

Blizzard has a duty to the people who bought the pass because of the exclusive emote in the final weeks of the pass. Hell, they owe the people who bought a pass and thought “Hey, neat bonus for believing in the league!”

This is absolutely disgusting.


This is unprofessional, disappointing and unacceptable.
I paid 19.99$ to receive nothing. I opened up a ticked, I expect a refund soon.
This is NOT the way to go. I’m an avid consumer of your product, I usually buy tons of lootboxes for me, my family and my friends.


They kinda hinted at this actually. This emote is the only item labeled as “limited time exclusive” on OWL website. They could have been more clear about this tho. At least now they are.