Lucio AllAccesPass Emote

Why do I need this emote to complete all items for Lucio?
Is this supposed to be so? Because that means I have to pay for such things and that’s stupid…

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Why do you need to have all items for lucio? Just to see 99/99 instead of 98/99. THIS is stupid.


A good chunk of players like getting the most out of their game, which is the reason this game is still going on after 3 years, so having an emote that is arguably the coolest emote for Lucio and having it behind a $30 paywall gets some people’s blood boiling, like the WoW expansion preorder for the Torb lines and Tracer emote but more “In your face peasant”


I try to get every item for every hero or atleast most of the items… for most of my fav heroes

But I don’t wanna pay anything (got already 10 heroes full (-1 cuz of Lucio now))

Wait, isn’t it like 300 OWL coins? So you still have to pay, just not $30.

No you can’t buy it anymore

It was a mistake and they fixed it a few hours later (I have only 150 OWL tokens)

^just to point out if you didn’t know you will be able to buy the lucio emote at a later date for 300 tokens. (It’s cheaper than the access pass at least)


That is regrettable. OWL-related items should be “hidden” the same way the Blizzcon stuff is: viewable but not counting towards the total completion. Players shouldn’t have to be forced to either pay out of pocket or watch streams they may not be interested in to get a sense of completion.

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Alexa, queue the Naruto sad theme.

I know that … but i don’t wanna pay more for the game .-.

Tracer has emotes that you can only get by getting WoW, you don’t see me complaining.

They said it will be available later.

But you don’t need to have them to complete her