1.27 Hotfix Update

its free,stop complaining omg.


then again you pay 40 dollars at least to play game


They cut Summer games for OWL. Even if this event is free, it has no excuse. Besides the Lucio emote (that would be perfect for the Summer games, but it’s OWL related without reason) even the Genji and Tracer skins are now a paid content. It’s really unfair and sad.


You pay 40$ for the base game,literally the same one that existed before the very first summer games event…

Curious, does this also include a fix to being able to purchase the OWL “dance party” Lucio emote?

Hi Lee,

You can find more insight on that subject in this post.

Thank you.


Tom, whats up with this? can we FINALLY get some answer?


Nice, thanks! :slight_smile:

Did you fix the lack of content?


i guess i will not get any answers on what is going on :frowning:
is it rework?
is it bug?
was this leak?

I’ve posted several bugs there and NONE of them have been acknowledged. Two of them are D.va bugs with ejecting from her mech and have been happening since launch. I’ve posted video proof as well.

Posting bugs there rarely if ever get acknowledged.


Tom, can we get comment/information on Polish flag icon?
it was in files released for press, but it is not in game and it was deleted later from press files… what is going on? is this a bug? was it pulled off?

and why? is it in rework? was it leak?

can we get some explanation?
why are you guys quiet on that? if it was pulled because it doesnt met your quality standards we are HERE to help:

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Please add this to Reinhardt and Brigitte bugs:

Also consider all the new bugs introduced here:

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Events are a must to keep a game alive. Just look at all the online games out there, they have events.
This one has such a low effort put into that for some players it’s not even “an event”. This event has barely anything special compared to past year events, games like this don’t grow.

That’s how it is, every online game needs an event to stay alive, it’s not because “it’s free”, it’s a matter of reviving the game got some.

More players > More money


They would rather make the bots in practice range wave hello back at you than fix real issues with the game.


On Xbox, I’m unable to select the “Find Group” button. The only way to use the LFG tool is to push Y and select search from the player portraits bar at the top of the screen.

Mild annoyance but it’s still something that should be fixed.

what about the reinhardt changes. Reinhardt is so sluggish and half of his animation cancels are gone, and his ult animation difference is gone and its instant now. and none of it is in patch notes. Can you explain to the rein players why these changes got through, and with no patch notes about it no less. Reinhardt is already insanely unfun to play due to the lack of anti cc, with his bugs, and you then destroy half of his kit?


Dev team is still #KillingIt.
Yet another reason to uninstall.

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Is there a bug fix for this entitlement?

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I’m so annoyed right now that the devs are not acknowledging this