Warning about the Lucio emote

Just a little heads up for those who don’t know yet, Blizzard put the All-Access-Pass emote into the game at a Price of 300 League Tokens. The problem with that is that there is no way to purchase the emote at this time.


What’s most annoying is it gives you the option to, lets you click ‘purchase’, makes the NOISE like it worked, but wont give you access to it.

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Yeah and the fact that there is a purchase button at the side. I am just hoping that not many others make the same mistake as i did and buy tokens for the emote. And I am honestly wondering what Blizzard will do now

Was about to be kinda ticked off but then realised that 300 tokens = $15, which was the price of the pass for Prime holders… so whatever…

I just hope they don’t lock All-Star skins behind league tokens.

Hopefully it’s a glitch, because i’m in the same boat as you. Saw it was available, got some league points, cant buy it.

Looks like the dance party emote has been 100% locked off with the latest patch now. So, sucks if you bought overwatch league tokens specifically to buy it.

^for now, they plan to make it avaliable for purchase at a later date

Well there go your hopes and dreams.

this is something they should have communicated from the start so people wouldnt have been so mad .

It’s probably a decision they made after people got mad.

If it ends up being purchasable with tokens I’m hoping I can wait til next season so I can run OWL muted in the background and accumulate points. $15 for a charity event and skin is one thing… $15 for an emote is fifty shades of cray.